Monday, August 24, 2015


So things have been a little bumpy, but have been getting steadily better. Raylan had a cold last week. In turn, he gave Amy a cold. It turns out that the Nosefrida, a delightful tool for removing bebe's mucus by sucking it into a tube where a filter catches it, does little to protect the parent from the dangers of viral infection (I noticed, with a chuckle, that their web site proudly proclaims that the filter on the suction device can stop bacteria, but it somewhat disingenuously doesn't discuss the fact that viruses, which are much smaller- and which are the actual cause of the common cold- apparently pass right through into the mouth of the user).
Anyway, Raylan got sick, and then Amy got sick.  Amy rarely gets colds, but she got one this time.  She missed a day of work.  Sleep was disrupted a fair amount with all of the sickies in the house.
Still, things got better over the weekend.
Raylan stayed over with his grandma and grandpa on Saturday night while Amy and I slept.
We had a birthday celebration for my dad out in Steiner.  We ate barbecue, and Ryan, Jamie, and I went to their swimming pool while Amy slept.
The weekend also involved shopping at Costco, Target, HEB, and a trip or two to Randall's.  Amy and I had dinner at Kerbey Lane.  We watched The Americans.
I squeezed in a trip to the gym.
(well, Dad's not actually in this picture, but you're gonna have to trust me
when I say that everyone here is celebrating his birthday)

("No, no- seriously!  I just cry and people
do whatever I want!!")

("The weekend's over?  Are you sure?  Who
can I talk to about this?!?!")
So things are good. Hope everyone else is doing okay!
Happy birthday to Dad!!  We love you, Dad!  For your birthday you get to help me install new blinds in Raylan's room when you get back from your vacation!  ;-)
Everyone else- drop us a line!  We like to hear from yoooouuu!!!


The League said...

I am totally creeped out looking at these pictures, knowing that when Raylan is looking back at them in a decade or so, he's going to be like "who is that guy?" and you'll say "that's Uncle Ry!" and he'll say "wow, he really looks awful now. Then, too, but worse now."

J.S. said...

Uh, what?

The League said...

Exactly, Jason. Exactly.