Monday, August 10, 2015


So the weekend had a few highs and lows, but overall, it was pretty good. On Friday Raylan had his four month doctor's visit.  On the up side, Raylan is doing really well.  He's a happy, healthy kid, and it seems like he's doing all of the things that babies are supposed to do.  So that's great!  On the less fun side, Raylan had his 4 month vaccinations.  Vaccinations aren't a lot of fun.  First Raylan had to get stuck with several large needles- an experience which he most decidedly did not dig.  Second, Raylan got a low grade fever following his vaccinations and, apparently, just felt sort of crappy for about 24 hours after his shots.  It's not a fun experience, and as a parent, it's sort of disconcerting to watch your kid have to go through it.  As my ever-so-eloquent brother pointed out, vaccinations are something that almost no reasonable parent would ever want to out their kid through, actually, unless there happened to be a very good reason.  Some sort of reason like... avoiding polio.
So we took Raylan home, and gave him some Tylenol for infants, and he did okay.

(Raylan gets some late night Tylenol
from Nurse Amy)

On Saturday morning we got up and went out for breakfast.  We just went to Central Market, figuring we could just dash out the door if Raylan had a meltdown.  He did fine, though, and we had a nice time!
After breakfast I ran to the grocery store while Amy hung out with Raylan (maybe he got a bath?).  Afterward I went over to the gym. 
Oh yeah- I've joined Gold's Gym.  They have a location downtown where I can work out during lunch, and they also have a location very close to our house.  It works well.  Since I don't have as much time to work out after work these days, it really helps to be able to get some workouts in during my lunch hour so that I've already got it out of the way by the time that I get home.  Amy might join at some point.  I keep encouraging her, but she seems to be still happy getting her workouts in at home, so whatever floats her boat!
Anyway, after I got back from the gym, Amy went to get her hair done, and Ryan came over to hang out with Raylan and me. 
(What could be more fun than hanging out together
 for the afternoon?!)

Unfortunately, this was right around the time when apparently Raylan started feeling uncomfortable.
Raylan is, by and large, a pretty happy kid.  He is sometimes noisy, but mostly he makes happy noises, and sometimes he sort of gripes a little bit when he's bored or isn't happy with his current entertainment plan.  But you bring out a new toy, put him down for a nap, or give him a bottle, and he's usually good.  He rarely just cries or sobs.  Saturday afternoon, though, he just couldn't get comfortable, even with the Tylenol.  We tried sleeping, eating, playing, reading, and a bunch of other stuff, but there were times when he was inconsolable.  It made me feel anxious because he's normally not like that, and I knew he was feeling bad.  He did sleep a little bit, but mostly he just cried and looked sad for a few hours.
(No one told me there'd be days like this...)

Anyway, kudos to Uncle Ryan for sticking around to lend moral support.  We got to chat a little bit, but not as much as we'd planned on.  He helped entertain both Raylan and me.
By Saturday evening Raylan seemed to be calming down a little and getting some better rest.
Saturday night Amy made salmon and we watched The Americans.
Sunday morning I went to Dan's and got us some breakfast tacos before going to the gym again.
After I got back, Amy went swimming with her friends Emily and Shelly.
Raylan and I hung out again, but this time Raylan was feeling better, and things went much more smoothly.  We had a fun time hanging out!  We played, and I read to him, and there was a good nap in there somewhere, too.

(happy times are here again!)
After Amy got back from her Sunday Funday, I packed up my stuff and went to band practice.  We had a good practice.  Everyone was there but Eric.
And that was pretty much the weekend!

It feels like we're starting to get a handle on the whole experience as working parents (knock on wood).  It's still sort of new, but we're figuring out how to juggle the daycare and child care.  It's not always easy, but it's good.  Really good!  For the umpteenth time I feel lucky to be married to Amy.  She's a great mom.  We're both working hard as a team at the parenthood thing, and there's no one I'd rather be doing it with.

What else?  I'm looking forward to some cooler weather so it'll be easier to take Raylan on walks after work or to a park on weekends.

Well, that's about it!  Hope you guys are having a good August.
Enjoy the dog days!  (Woof!)

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