Monday, July 27, 2015


Well, it's been a busy week.  Jean came back to Austin with Amy and Raylan on Monday.  It sounded like they had a good flight.  Jean was with us through the week until Saturday.  Amy worked a part time schedule, so she got to spend a fair amount of time with her mom, while Jean took care of Raylan during the time when Amy and I were both working.
Jen Shaw brought us a tasty pasta dish on Tuesday along with some dessert bars.  Very good!  Thanks, Jen!  My mom and dad came over on Wednesday night and took care of Raylan while Amy, Jean, and I went over to St. Philip for dinner.  St. Philip is a relatively new pizza place over by our house.  It's run by the same folks who operate Uchi and Uchiko, but the food is entirely different.
We had a really nice meal there:  golden cauliflower, field green salad, sausage and fennel pizza, mushroom pizza, bread pudding, and a sundae for dessert.  They also had a nice beer selection.  The meal was really good.  We'll definitely go back.  It's cool to have it close to the house.
On Thursday Amy made a really good cobb salad.  On Friday night Jean took us out to Fire Bowl Café (thanks!).  Raylan came with, so he got to hang out, gurgle, and watch us eat noodles.  It was good.
On Saturday Amy and I ran to the store, and then Jean flew out for Phoenix.  The rest of Saturday we took care of some chores and stuff.
On Sunday we went out to my parents' house to go swim while they watched Raylan.  We had a really nice time at the pool, and hopefully they had a good time watching The Boy.
Mom fed us dinner.  We had stuffed salmon, pasta salad, and fruit.  The food was good, and it was a nice chance to catch up.
Now that I'm recapping, I'm realizing that I ate very well over the past week...

("Dad, don't you sit in one of these at work?")

(During a daily wrestling match, Raylan
works on pinning Amy to the floor)

(Nana uses her blue blouse to hypnotize Raylan)

(Gramma and Grampa watch Raylan ponder the possibility
of solid food)
So we had a good week!  Thanks to Jean for making the trip to Austin and for all of her help with Raylan!  Hope you had a nice visit, Jean!


Jean said...

Thank you (and Amy and Raylan) for the visit. It was wonderful seeing your family in action and spending time with the little boy. He's a keeper!

J.S. said...

Thanks for the help!