Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey, guys!  I can't believe that we're more than halfway through August!  I hope everyone's been having a good summer, especially now that we're starting to head into it's waning days.  The heat will still be with us for a while, but as we move through the back-to-school season and into the days of football and stores full of Halloween decorations, I'll be a little sad to put summer behind us.  Even though it's hot, summer usually keeps me in a pretty good mood with all of the sunshine, swimming, and long days.
Our weekend was pretty good.  Friday night we didn't do too much.  We're still watching The Americans, so we watched a bit of that.
On Saturday I got up and got us some breakfast tacos.  Then I did some grocery shopping while Amy hung out with Raylan (maybe he got a bath?  I dunno.  He looked clean...)
After that I went car shopping with Dad.
I've been driving my little blue CRV for a long time.  For like 15 years.  It's been a great car.  Still runs well, and it's really only ever needed one repair (other than the two times I got hit by other drivers).  Anyway, getting a new car makes me nervous because I'm wary of a new vehicle that might prove less reliable, but: 1) my 15 year old car is gonna give out at some point, 2) my air conditioner doesn't work super great- which is sort of an issue when you've got an infant riding around with you, 3) I've been pining for a while for a vehicle that I fit in a little better, physically (obviously I can fit in my CRV, but it's always been a cozy fit), and 4) I've been wanting a car with a stereo that works better (the front speakers in my Honda don't even work, so I gotta rock out of the back speakers, creating Dance Club Ray Ray for the boy on our way to work/daycare in the mornings).
Anyway, I really love my old CRV (the first new car that I ever owned), but it's been feeling like time to let her go...

(I love you, Blue Bastard!  Whimper, whimper.  Sniff, sniff).
So this weekend I went to the Kia dealership up in Round Rock, and ended up getting a slightly used Sorento.  It's a 2016, and it's only about 4 months old, with a little over 10,000 miles on it.  I'm not really a "car guy", so mostly when I got to buy a car I'm not so much excited about the prospect of getting a new car as I am worried about getting a bad deal or buying a vehicle that will prove unreliable or flawed in some fundamental way that was not immediately apparent at the time of purchase. 
I like my Sorento pretty well so far, though.  If nothing else, it's nice to have a car that I physically fit in quite a bit better than I fit in my CRV.
Still, the new Sorento has a long way to go in terms of proving itself to be a worthy successor to my CRV.  That car kept me safe through two collisions and never stranded me due to a mechanical breakdown over 15 years of service.  Hopefully the Sorento will have a fairly similar performance for me and my family! 

Raylan takes in his new ride.

Saturday night I worked out, we ate dinner, and not a lot else. 

On Sunday morning our friends Adam and Katie stopped by with their 7 month old daughter, Ophelia.  It was good to see them!  We hadn't gotten together since before Raylan was born, so they got to meet Raylan, and he got to meet them.  They hung out for a little while, and we got a chance to chat with them a little bit and let the bebes play.

A Sunday visit from Baby Ophelia
After they left, Amy and I each took turns, separately, going to the Gold's Gym over by our house and swapping off on Raylan care.  Amy's joined Gold's now, so she'll be able to work out at lunchtime when she wants to, and on the weekends at the gym near our house.
Sunday evening I had band practice with Reed.  We played for about and hour and a half, and it felt good.
After practice I got home, and Amy had made a kind of ravioli/lasagna dinner.  It was good!
We had that and some salad. 

And that was pretty much the weekend.  It went by quickly, and we were pretty busy.
Feels weird to have a new car after all of these years.  I think I'll learn to like it.

And here are a few random Raylan pics from over the weekend.  Just because...

Four months?  Who's 4 months?

You know what's hilarious?  Squirming like heck while Dad tries to change
my diaper! 


The League said...

Congrats on the new ride! May it serve you well! And if you keep it as long as you did the BB, Raylan can drive it when he turns 16.

J.S. said...

Raylan's not going to be interested in a car that won't drive itself.

The League said...

That baby is so lazy. Won't even change his own diaper.