Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey!  Things have been going pretty well in our neck of the woods.  Cassidy has been having a few stomach/med management issues, so that's been a little worrisome, but we're hoping she's getting better.  Just trying to get her a little better.  She's a good dog.

Our weekend was pretty good.  It went by way too fast. 
On Friday we just sort of relaxed, I think.  I honestly can't remember what we did on Friday, but I think we just sort of chilled out. 

We might have watched an episode of Naked and Afraid.  Have you guys seen that?  It involves taking two people and dropping them off, literally naked, in a jungle somewhere with no food and no water.  They get some flint to start a fire and a big knife.  That's it.
The show is pretty ridiculous, and it's pretty clear that there's some cheating going on (there's a film crew following them around, and a couple of medics on standby in case things get out of hand).  In spite of the absurdity, or perhaps because of it, I can't look away.  Most of these people really don't have a whole lot going for themselves in terms of survival skills, so they just sort of slowly starve themselves over the show's 21 day period (apparently most people can starve for 21 days and not die- either that or the show's producers are secretly slipping them an occasional Snickers bar when the camera is pointed in the other direction).  Half of the time when the "survivalists" do actually manage to find and kill something to eat, it makes them sick.  So you're basically watching people endure being hot, cold, stung (by insects), be sick, hurt (having no clothes or shoes when you're marching around in the jungle is a drag), and starve for about 21 days.  They all lose a lot of weight and usually look pretty bad by the end.  The kicker is that there's really not even a prize that they're competing for.  Participants get some sort of payment for being on the show, but the main prize is that they get to be reality TV celebrities.  It's one of those shows where the people are undoubtedly suffering to no small degree, but I sort of watch with rapt fascination because these people probably fought tooth and nail to get onto the show in the first place.  I do not feel bad for them because they all asked for this.
It's some crazy, brain-dead television.

Anyway, on Saturday we ran errands and did some chores.
Among those chores was some grocery shopping.


(helpful grocery shopping friend or nightmarish
hallucination?  It's a thin line)


On Saturday night Mom and Dad took Jamie, Ryan, Amy and myself out for dinner.  We had a really nice time.  We met up at Mom and Dad's house and had a drink beforehand, and then we went over to Hudson's on the Bend for dinner.  We had a really nice meal, and a good time hanging out with one another.  Really fun.  I ate duck with rasberry chipotle sauce.  It was tasty.  
On Sunday we got up and exercised.  In the early afternoon I went to meet, Ciara, Susan, Ryan, and Jamie for lunch at Big Dadddy's.
(Ciara, perhaps realizing the gastrointestinal implications of ordering a
macaroni and cheeseburger)
It was good to see them and catch up. 
Sunday night I got together with Reed for Wastewood practice.  We had a really good practice.  We played for about an hour and a half.  Some of our material is coming together pretty well.  It's kind of weird to play with a two man band, but it's kind of cool, too.  Maybe someday we'll test our material on an unsuspecting audience somewhere.
Amy made pasta Sunday night, which was also really good.
And that was it.  Back to work.  A weekend gone too fast.

(Tuesday morning a room full of lawyers, all waiting to tell me why
their clients were wrongfully arrested)
Hope everyone is enjoying the dog days of summer.  Woof!!

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