Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well, things have been pretty busy, but have also been going well.
On Friday night we didn't do a whole lot.  I had a seminar for work that ran a little late, so we were both a little worn out.  We had dinner and mostly hung out around the house, I guess.
Saturday we did some shopping, ran some errands, got some exercise, and did some chores. 
In the afternoon I went over to a Thweatt/Connell family cookout.  I got to catch up with Aleda, Charlie, Joe, Janette, Lee, and Sarah, and hang out with their spouses and kiddos (although Lee and Sarah's boys were at camp).  It was really great to see all of them and catch up, as well as eat some really good food and meet the family members to whom I hadn't yet been introduced.  Amy didn't make it to the barbecue because she was getting ready for her mom to come into town the next day, but hopefully next time. 

("Hey, mister!  Would you buy us some beer?")
On Sunday we got up and ate breakfast and ran another errand or two, and then we went to the airport to pick up Jean!  Jean has been staying with us since Sunday, and we've been enjoying having her in town!  She and Amy have been running around shopping, hanging around the house, and just doing some fun mother-daughter stuff.  We've got a new cover for the futon, and yesterday we got a new lamp shade, so they're making little changes and improvements around the house.

(Amy schools Jean in proper South Austin livin')
We also went out to dinner with my parents on Monday night at Chuy's, and last night Amy made a delicious salmon dish with a sort of tomato and onion topping (she served it with rice, asparagus, and tasty beet salad, as well bread and herb butter).  Yum!

So that's been mostly about it.  Work's been busy. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!  It's been fun having Jean with us!


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