Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Things are going pretty well on our end, although it feels like we've been pretty busy.
I also realize that the weekend went by, and I didn't take a single picture.  This discovery made me realize that I'm in the habit of taking pictures pretty regularly.  What can I say?  I like pictures.  I like posting them on my blog. 
I know that this blog isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it gives me a lot of satisfaction when, from time to time, I go back and look at my posts and my pictures and see what I was up to at particular points in time.  It's sort of like a digital scrapbook, and it helps make sense of the tangled mess that my memories otherwise tend to become (I can always remember things, but I have a hard time remember exactly when they happened, and I have a hard time keeping them in exactly the right order).

So.... on Friday night we didn't do a whole lot.  We went to the grocery store, ate dinner, and watched the Cowboy Bebop movie.  We've been watching the entire series of Cowboy Bebop over the last couple of weeks.  For those who haven't seen it, it's an anime movie about a group of bounty hunters (i.e., "cowboys") in the future who fly around on a ship called The Bebop.  It's a really cool show.  The characters are pretty well developed, there lots of intense action sequences, and both the storylines and the artwork are really imaginative.  The show has kind of a noir feel to it, complete with hardboiled, wisecracking tough guys and wily, dangerous dames.  The soundtrack has an incorporates both jazz and rock (it's really cool to see the way they use the jazz numbers- especially during action sequences).  The Bebop movie was essentially like a long episode of the show, but the artwork was a little more developed, and the story a little more fleshed out.  Good stuff.

On Saturday we mostly did chores and ran errands.  On Saturday night Reed and Jen came over for dinner.  The weahter was ice, and we did some grilling in the back yard.  Chicken kabobs with southwestern marinade.  Amy made macaroni salad and corn-bean salad.  The food was nice and summery.  We had a good dinner, and a nice time visiting with Reed and Jen.  Given how busy we all are, it's sort of hard to get together, so I really appreciate it when we get the opportunity.

On Sunday we got up and went and had breakfast at Dan's Hamburgers.  I've lived near that place for years, and I remember that, years back, someone told me they had good breakfast tacos.  Turns out that they do all kinds of pretty standard breakfast food, do it pretty well, and serve it for a reasonable price.  We had a nice breakfast.  I had tacos, and Amy had eggs, bacon, and a biscuit (well, part of a biscuit- she claimed fullness).

We ran an errand or two.

A little later on we went to Garrison Park Pool.  The weather was ridiculously nice for August in Austin.  It was breezey and probably in the upper 80's.  I don't know how our weather was so nice this weekend.  Kind of crazy.  Anyway, I'm really glad we got a chance to be outside for a while.  It was sooo nice.

After the pool we went home and had lunch.  I exercised. 

Later I had band practice while Amy went to the gym.  We rocked and we rolled.  It ended up being just Frank, Reed, and myself, but we sounded pretty good and had fun.

After band practice Amy and I went over to Shelly and Kit's house.  amy wanted to pick up some planters that she made with Shelly.  They're made out of some sort of concrete-like substance, and they look pretty cool.  I also got to check out Kit's watermelon patch, which is still sort of in it's youthful stage, but off to a good start.

Anyway, it was a good weekend, but it went by too fast!

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