Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey!  Hi!  Hello!

Our weekend was pretty darn good- mostly.
On Friday night we went to Zach Theatre to see The Who's Tommy.  We had a really good time.  The music was well performed and got better and better throughout the show.  In the first act, the performers seemed just slightly timid in their performances and perhaps just a little bit self conscious.  By the second act, though, they were belting out the songs, and the band was rocking and rolling their way through the music.  For those who don't know the Tommy story, the plot of the thing can make for a weird experience.  In short, it's about a boy who goes through some harrowing, traumatic experiences (i.e., abuse) and loses his ability to speak and interact with the world.  Eventually, as an adult, he reconnects with the world and gains a sort of guru-celebrity status, in large part through his outstanding ability to play pinball.  In the end, he really just wants to be able to feel like a normal person.
The story is strange and bizarre and unsettling and ultimately uplifting.  It deals with some uncomfortable subject matter, but views it through a lens of absurdity and ridiculousness.  Ultimately it's a story about overcoming obstacles and rediscovering oneself.
The music, originally written by Pete Townshend for a rock opera concert album, is pretty great stuff.  Adapted for the stage, the songs manage to steer the musical away from the collection of ballads that typically constitute the tunes for a lot of musical theatre.
Anyway, we had a nice time.  It was our first time to The Topfer Theatre, Zach's new performance space, and it's a nice facility.  Not a bad seat in the house.
Afterward we got an ice cream at Sonic and watched as at least 3 policemen, 2 firefighters, and 2 EMS personnel eventually loaded a homeless guy into an ambulance because of he had a hurt leg.  It was quite a spectacle.  If the first cop on scene had helped hop the guy  over to his patrol cruiser and driven him to the hospital, he probably woulda saved the city at least $20,000.

On Saturday Amy went over to her friend Shelly's place to do some crafting.  They were making planters, and I expect one or two of them to show up at our house later in the week.
While Amy was being creative, I went for a bike ride and then I went with our friends Chad and Mary to go watch Gimme Shelter at the Alamo Ritz.  Gimme Shelter is, of course, one of the best concert documentaries ever made.  Watching it, you can sort of feel the innocence/naivete of the 60's caving in on itself.  I'd seen parts of the movie before on cable, but I'd never seen the whole thing from beginning to end.  Being a Rolling Stones fan will enhance your enjoyment, but it's not really necessary.  It's a really powerful movie. 
So it was good to see the movie and hang out with Mary and Chad.  Chad got us the tickets, so thanks to him for being all on top of that!

On Saturday evening we went and had Chinese food at Din Ho with Shelly and Kit.  It was good.  Good food, good company, and a sort of entertaining waitstaff (they're pretty quick to warn the white folks when they're ordering out of their depth). 
Afterward we went back to their house and watched an episode of Naked and Afraid.  It's a crazy show where they drop these "survivalists" (some apparently deserve that title more than others) off in the middle of nowhere, buck naked, and make them fend for themselves for 21 days.  The episode that we watched involved the Amazonian rainforests.  From the comfort of Shelly and Kit's living room we watched people get eaten alive by mosquitoes, practically starve (they did eat an electric eel!), and generally go kind of crazy.  People will do anything to be on TV.

On Sunday we went out to breakfast.  We did a few chores, and then we watched the World Cup championship game between Germany and Argentina.  It was a good game, but there was a lot of play in the midfield as both sides fought to control it.  Consequently, I think Amy got a little impatient.  Not enough shots on goal.  When the game moved into overtime, still tied at zero-zero, there was some groaning.  When Germany finally scored, I celebrated, and Amy loudly proclaimed, "Finally!  It's about time!"
My wife don't have no patience for teams that dink around without charging the goal!!

After the World Cup, while Amy was working out, our air conditioner conked out.
My parents are out of town, and after a little conversation and planning, we fled to their house out in Steiner Ranch.  We took Cassidy with us.

This morning we had a repair guy come out, but our old AC unit is dead.  We need a new one.  He's coming back out tomorrow to install a new air conditioner for us.  Keep your fingers crossed and send us good vibes.  No one can last long during July in Texas without air conditioning (we're not cut out to be on Naked and Afraid, obviously).

Other from that, we had a good weekend.

Hope you guys are doing well.

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