Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend Update

So last week was an eventful week, and the weekend was busy as well.  I need to get back to work so I can get some rest.  ;-)
The week was filled with things like Veterans Court (for me) and teaching a class on legal research to undergrads (Amy out at Concordia). 
Friday night Amy and I went out on a dinner date at a relatively new restaurant called Olive and June.  It's an Italian place, opened by the folks who operate Parkside, and it's in the building where El Arbol used to be located.  We used to like El Arbol, and we like Parkside, so it seemed like a good idea.  Kind of a disappointing experience, though.  I still like the space (although it was a bit on the noisy side Friday night).  The food just wasn't all that impressive.  We both had pasta dishes (I had a seafood linguine and Amy had ravioli), and the pasta wasn't all that great.
Oh well.  It wasn't all that bad, either, but I think we'd just been hoping for something a little bit more exciting.  I'm still glad we went.  It was a nice evening, and trying out new places that don't work out perfectly gives a greater appreciation for the restaurants that we really like.
On Saturday I ran some errands (haircut, oil change, book store, etc.).  I also worked out.  Got started on my taxes.   
Saturday night we went to a banquet for Amy's law journal, The Texas Review of Litigation.  It was a pleasant evening, and it was really nice to meet some of her friends and to put faces with some of the names that I've been hearing over the past couple of years.  The people on her journal seem like some nice folks.
On Sunday we got up, I went on a short bike ride, and we went to church.  Amy officially became a member of Central Presbyterian, so she was introduced to the congregation.  The people there are really friendly.  Afterwards we joined my family and Jamie's parents for brunch at Green Pastures.  Green Pastures is just a cool, old Texas building (there was an article in the paper this weekend that touched on some of the history behind it), and the food is really good (also, the guy playing piano in the dining room while we were there was talented).
So we had a nice brunch that sort of combined a celebration of Jamie's birthday, my birthday, and Ryan's birthday, along with Ryan and Jamie's anniversary (we also celebrated our engagement, although the brunch was planned before that happened).  It was a good time.
After brunch Amy and I went grocery shopping, and then I had band practice.
After that we had dinner and watched Game of Thrones.  We're only on episode two of the first season, but we're already enjoying it quite a bit.  We both enjoy shows that keep us really engaged, and with its multitude of characters and various plot lines, Game of Thrones shows a lot of promise.
Anyway, the weekend was good, but a little tiring.  Hopefully this week will afford us a few more opportunities to relax.
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

Here's a new picture of Cassidy- offered just because
she's a good dog and she looks really happy

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