Monday, April 23, 2012

The Weekend

So it was a good weekend!  On Friday night Amy and I went and had dinner with our friends Reed and Jen over at their place.  It was relaxing, and it was good to have a chance to catch up with them.  I really appreciate them inviting us over.  We had a good time!
Saturday I worked out a bit and rode my bike.  Saturday Amy ran off to go attend some sort of church-related social engagement and then went to school to get some stuff done.  Meanwhile, I went over to Ryan and Jamie's with Cassidy.  We spent some time just hanging out and talking, and then we took the dogs for a walk to the park.  Pictured below is a small child who decided that he was Cassidy's newest, biggest fan.  Cassidy was a little wary (small children have a tendency to knock over three legged dogs), but was at least willing to wearily put up with a bit of nonsense from this little person.
Here's the stealthy sneak up move...
...and... HUG!!!!!

After the park we went over to The Green Mesquite in Southpark Meadows.  I had a salad because later that night, after we took a trip to the store, Amy made some really good Mexican stuffed peppers.  Yum!
Saturday night we really just relaxed.  It was nice.
On Sunday we got up and went to Juan in a Million for breakfast.  It was good.  I like going there.
After breakfast we went to REI and picked up Amy's new bike.  It's a graduation present from her grandparents, and it's really cool.  We took it for a ride when we got home.

Here we have Amy, feared leader of notorious bike gang
the Lower Austin Loungers 

Amy and I went on a ride when we got home.  Then Amy worked on school stuff while I went on an even longer ride.  After that Mono Ensemble came over, and we rocked out.  I played a lot of bass, which I hadn't done for a few months, and it felt pretty good.
After band rehearsal, Amy and I got sandwiches, and then we went to sleep.

So that was the weekend! 
My Mom and Dad are on a mission trip with their church group, working at an eyesight clinic in Kenya.  I hope they're having a good time, but even more important, I hope they stay safe.  I know that they're usually in pretty good hands on these expeditions, and I know that these trips mean a lot to my parents, but there's still something a bit weird about having your folks wandering around someplace totally foreign to you on the other side of the globe where there's not a whole lot of phone or computer contact.  My mom has been on these sorts of trips before, but they're going to a different location this time with a sort of different group of people, so I hope everything goes smoothly.

Well, I guess that's it!  I hope everyone has a good week!


The League said...

Did Amy do any sweet jumps on her bike?

J.S. said...

She has not yet done any sweet jumps. Right now we're both sort of wary of things like speed bumps and potholes.

The League said...

I'll come over with some bricks and some planks of wood and we'll set up some rad jumps in front of your house.