Monday, April 09, 2012

Update; Easter

Howdy!  Hope everyone is doing fine.
Things are pretty nice on my end.  I love Austin in the springtime! (okay, I have a few issues with the allergies, but they pale in comparison to the beautiful weather and the chance to see all of the plants in bloom)
It's been a nice week and weekend.
On Wednesday night Amy and I went to Uchi for restaurant week.  For quite a while now I've been hearing how great Uchi is from various friends and coworkers.  Amy's pretty into food (both cooking and keeping up with the restaurant scene a bit), and through her I'd learned that the chef at Uchi, Tyson Cole, has won some awards and become kinda famous (he's won some James Beard awards, was on Iron Chef, and the foodie magazines seem to love him).  Anyway, I'd heard a lot of great stuff about Uchi, but I'm not all that into sushi, and, to be honest, Uchi isn't exactly inexpensive, so I'd never gone.  Still, people told me that it's worth trying even if you're not a big sushi fan, so between all of the media attention and the praise of friends who had been, my curiosity was piqued. 
Restaurant week came along, and it seemed like a good time. 
The menu was narrowed to some of their more popular dishes, which made selecting things easier for since I really wasn't familiar with the food (our waitress was extremely helpful as well).
I'm going to list what we ate, but try not to get too annoyed with me.  This is mostly just so I have this stuff on the blog so if/when we go back I can remember what I tried.
We had mustang rolls, uchiviche (their ceviche), saba shio (grilled mackerel with Japanese cucumber, served with tempura), and hamachi nabe (rice with yellowtail and egg and soy broth).  For dessert we had coffee panna cotta and peanut butter semi freddo.  The food was all very good.  I think Amy and I both liked each of the dishes, but had different favorites (I liked the saba shio, while she liked the hamachi nabe a little more; I liked the peanut butter semi freddo (the peanut butter combined with apple sorbet was really interesting and really good in an unexpected way) while she liked the coffee panna cotta a little more.
Anyway, it was a fun experience.  It's a nice restaurant, but it wasn't daunting.  The staff was friendly and pleasant, and the atmosphere was lively.  It ended up being a good place to go even if you don't necessarily consider yourself a sushi person.  There are non-sushi dishes that are very tasty, and I ended up even liking the sushi that I had.
So Uchi was a success.  Hopefully we'll head back there again in the not so distant future.

Friday night I think we mostly just hung out.  They issued iPads to us at work last Friday, so I remember spending some of Friday night playing with it.  I think that maybe we watched an episode of Game of Thrones.  I'm sort of not remembering Friday night a whole lot, but I think it's because I was tired and we just chilled out. 
Saturday I got up and exercised.  We took Cassidy for a walk.  At some point I went to Barton Springs for a while.  It was my first trip of the year, and it was nice.  It was a little weird because Amy stayed home to get caught up on some school work, and I've gotten sort of happily accustomed to having her around.  Hopefully, though, it was nice for her to have me out of the house for a little while so she could get some stuff done.  After, we went to the store, and had dinner (Amy made some really good turkey burgers).  That night we went to Opal Divine's for some trivia that night.  Our trivia performance was kind of weak.  Of course, we all blamed the questions for being kind of lame.  Anyway, it was good to get together with friends and sit out on the deck at Opie D's on a nice spring evening.
Sunday, of course, was Easter.  I got up and rode my bike to Taco Cabana for some breakfast tacos, stopping to chat with my friend/coworker/boss, Dan, when I ran into him on my way back.  After breakfast we went to church with the family.  It was a nice service at Central Presbyterian, and afterward we drove out to my mom and dad's house for Easter dinner.  It was good.  In attendance:  Mom, Dad, Amy, Ryan, Jamie, Susan, Ciara, Uncle Donald, and our family friends, Tom and Marlene.  Mom made some nice food, and we got to check out the new water feature they've installed in their back yard (to decribe it as a "water feature" doesn't really do it justice- it's basically a small stream on the hill behind their house).  Amy had made some sort of delicious orange cookies, and they were a hit.  We hung out over there until the early evening, and then headed home.  Amy did some school, we watched more Game of Thrones (which we both like a lot), and then went to bed.
So that was the weekend.  It was really nice.
I hope you guys had a nice weekend as well.
Take care of each other!


Jean said...

Yikes! New format required new navigation skills. I'm happy ya'll had a nice Easter. :-)

J.S. said...

I have to occasionally mess with the format just to keep things interesting! It's so much easier than improving my writing. ;-).
Hope you had a good Easter, too!