Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quick Post; Bit on Obama

Well, didn't write last night, and not much time today. Woke up this morning to see President Obama giving his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Very interesting. You don't hear many Nobel recipients making an argument/plea for greater European support for war when the cause is just. Not sure how the audience received the speech, but, as usual, I thought the president made some really good points.
Obama's popularity has begun to slip somewhat as he takes on a number of difficult issues (the economy, health care, our wars, etc.) and discovers that it's pretty hard to make everyone happy, but I still like the guy and have a lot of respect for him (even though I don't agree with him on every single practice and policy- I think we still have too many troops in Iraq, and someone remind me why Gitmo is still open?). He might not always reach the same conclusions that I do, but at least I trust that the man goes through an intelligent, well-reasoned thought process before making decisions, and I believe that he's dedicated to making positive changes for the country (not just paying lip service). Obama is very pragmatic, and sometimes that gets him in trouble with his liberal base, but I think that if a leader really wants to get stuff done in our current political climate (and not just be a figurehead), it's almost impossible to move forward without some compromise. Part of the job has got to be knowing when to make concessions versus when to engage in arm twisting. I might like to see a bit more arm twisting on Obama's part, but, on the whole I think he's doing the right things and mostly taking the right positions.
And that man can sure give a speech. If nothing else, it's great to have such an articulate leader representing our country.
Gotta run, so that's it!

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