Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well, I just took Cassidy to the vet and spent a silly amount of money for them to essentially tell me that they really have no idea what's wrong with her. She got some pills to help settle her stomach, and I'm still waiting on blood work. She did eat a little bit of rice when I got her home just now, so that's a good thing.
No big news, obviously. Just taking care of a dog with a stomach ache.

Rosemary Lehmberg won the DA's race, so I guess it's safe to say now that I voted for her. Nothing against Mindy Montford, per se, but I just thought Rosemary had more experience, and to be honest, I've always been pretty happy (on the whole) with the way the Travis County D.A.'s office has been run (most of this experience comes from dealing with it when I was a defense attorney). I think they have their priorities in the right place (focusing on violent crimes as a first priority, and focusing on rehab over incarceration for a lot of drug offenders), and for the most part, they were always pretty easy to deal with. Lehmberg has been a part of keeping that operation going, so I don't see a huge reason to change things just for the sake of change.

I have mixed feelings about the protests that have been occurring around the Olympic torch procession. I certainly understand the desire to see a free Tibet and the need to draw attention China's human rights violations, but events like the Olympics seem like they offer a greater chance to pracitce politics of inclusion- drawing China into an ever expanding role as a neighbor in the world community, from which a sort of "friendlier pressure" can be put upon them to reform some of their policies (obviously, China's ever-growing economy is already helping to accomplish this in some ways). The protests that are occurring seem to serve only as an embarrassment to China, and I think these sorts of things only make them want to strengthen their resolve and prove that they will not bend to external pressure. Also, I like to think that the Olympics still serves, at least to some degree, as an event where nations can come together and participate in a joint activity regardless of differences in ideology or politics (I know this gets sticky when there are human rights issues involved, but like I said, sometimes you can get a lot farther with persuasion than with confrontational protests).

Anyway, I have to run. Maybe more later.


Anonymous said...

Viva Cannoli Joe's!

J.S. said...

There is no room for persuasion in my protest of Cannoli Joe's. It demands a showing of militant activism.