Monday, April 14, 2008

Well, howdy. It's Monday again. Those weekends just fly by, don't they? I already told you guys about the Roundball birthday fiesta on Saturday. Sunday I went with Ryan, Jamie, and Jamie's brother, Doug, to the Red Bud dog park. The dogs had fun swimming, and they seemed fairly thoroughly entertained by the whole park experience. They did, however, get a wee bit dirty (apparently swimming and then rolling in dirt is one of those activities that seems pretty gross to most humans, but which brings great joy to some dogs).
Last night we had a fairly productive Mono E practice in anticipation of the big gig on Thursday. (that's 7:30ish on Thursday at Club Deville- come one, come all!) We sounded pretty good last night. Hopefully that means we can hold it together for the gig.

I really don't have a lot else to report. The weather was beautiful this weekend. I got to eat barbecue, listen to some music, and make some music, so I guess I'd call that a success. Cassidy continues to struggle a bit with some kind of stomach bug, but she seems to be doing better on the new food that I've been feeding her.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Maybe more later. If you're lucky! ; )

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