Saturday, April 26, 2008

Comment Moderation Disabled

Well, I've been back and forth on this issue (an issue which I realize that many of you don't even care about), and I guess I'm going to disable the comment moderation for awhile and see how things go. I really have been publishing pretty much every comment I've gotten since I turned the moderation on in the first place, but Roundball seems to think that the comment moderation feature nonetheless has a chilling effect on people's willingness to engage in discussion, so I'll turn it off for awhile and see how things go (plus, the blogger program is supposed to send me an email letting me know when I have comments waiting to be moderated/posted, and sometimes it just doesn't do that, and then I end up with comments in the queue that I accidentally overlook, and it makes me feel bad because I'm sure people think I'm censoring them when I don't mean to). You guys better behave yourselves, though, or so help me, I will turn this car right around! (Seriously, though- everyone play nice, or I'll just turn the moderation back on. And I still reserve the right to yank comments off my blog for any reason whatsoever. 'Cause it's my blog.)
Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Chat it up, people.

1 comment:

The League said...

I like pizza.

See, with comment moderation off, I can say anything I like, and it could be up here for God knows how long.

I also like the movie "Josie and the Pussycats". And Godzilla movies.

Now THIS is a discussion.