Monday, April 04, 2005

Well, let me be the first one to say that I really, really hate springing forward for daylight savings time. For Steanso, it's more like staggering forward.

The weekend was ok. Went and saw Sin City last night with Wilsons and their posse at the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse. That place is cool for those of you who haven't been there yet. Good food, tasty beverages, and they've got a giant silver screen for showing black and white movies and the occasional 3D flick. The Drafthouse pizzas are kickass, and their pitchers of sangria ain't bad either.

Sin City was a cool flick. It was one of the most literal adaptations of a comic book that I've ever seen on film, and its stylized look was something really unique (and well-adapted for the screen). I even liked the soundtrack that Rodriguez wrote for himself. The acting probably won't win any academy awards (I'm not sure that anything in this movie can win an academy award after Rodriguez gave up his SAG membership to make the movie with Frank Miller), but the script is pretty stripped down and lends itself to grittiness rather than poetry, anyway. This movie probably isn't going to appeal to everyone because it's just a wee bit dark (and has a bucketload of violence, although much of it occurs offscreen or in stylized, silhouetted cut scenes), but I had fun.

Other from that, I wasted a lot of my weekend. I did some yard work, ran a few errands, and played my guitar, but mostly I just screwed around.

p.s. - I ran into Andy Sensat last night for the first time since the advent of his column, and he handled the whole affair rather good naturedly (better than I had expected, actually). Although he maintains that there are some minor factual errors amongst the Events, he generally agreed that my accounting of events was more or less accurate. Everyone make sure to congratulate Andy for making our lives more interesting next time you see him. Rami, you're next.

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bring it!!! go ahead, force me to unleash my demons but remember, hell hath no fury...yeah, yeah, yeah!!!