Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hey, everyone! What's the buzz?
Lunch today featured not only the lovely and talented Jennifer Kraber, but also such exciting personalities as Sean Slack, Trey Collins, Amy Blanchard, and the ever popular Rosa Theofanis.
Sean Slack is not only a family violence prosecutor, but he also plays in a band called San Saba County with an old friend and schoolmate of mine named John Saba. San Saba Co. has kind of a country/bluegrass/rock thing going on, and everyone should go see them play on Friday night at Trophy's. They really are pretty darn good. I wouldn't steer my readers wrong.
What else.....?
Jennifer has bemoaned the fact that she has not gotten much press on my blog, so maybe it's her turn. Jennifer, for those of you who don't know her, is my friend, colleague, and former neighbor, and she's currently the court chief (head prosecutor) for County Court at Law Number 4, the family violence court here in Travis County. Family violence cases are typically about as ugly as it gets in misdemeanor court, with husbands and wives beating each other up, calling the cops on each other, and then later lying to try to cover the whole thing up so it can start again. I personally have mixed feelings about Court 4 and it's role in policing family units (sometimes I feel the intervention of the police into family relationships is a cure worse than the disease, but sometimes someone needs to step in to stop real, physical harm from being done). Anyway, the role of family violence prosecutor is definitely a necessary job and a very tough one (even if I differ with them in opinion on certain cases). Spending your days working on cases that involve supposedly loving relationships which have deteriorated into violence is enough to make anyone hard and cynical, and personal feelings aside, the cases are technically difficult because the victim is often trying to hide evidence from the prosecutor by the time the case goes to court (family violence victims tend to have short memories once their loved ones begin to beg them to drop the case- this is the phenomenon which leads to the "cycle of violence" referred to by prosecutors).
Anyway, all of this to end up back with Jennifer. I know that her job stresses her out a lot, but she's good at it and I think the seriousness with which she approaches the job underscores her dedication to what she's doing, despite the fact that it may take a bit of a personal toll on her sometimes. Also, she's a cutthroat pool player, a mean dancer, and she's willing to try to sing along with any song, whether she knows the lyrics or not. On the down side, she is somewhat demanding with the remote control when you watch TV with her, and she's kind of a backseat driver. She's also not nearly as good at poker as she thinks she is, and I can take her money any day of the week.

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