Thursday, April 21, 2005

S'up? Hope everyone had a good 4/20 holiday yesterday (if you don't know, don't ask, 'cause I ain't telling).
I just got done bonding most of a family out of jail- father, mother, and son (there was a daughter who was not at home at the time of the arrest and did not get in trouble). All three were arrested on drug charges after a party that they threw got out of hand. How does this fit under the "family values" rubric? So much for those PSAs telling you that spending time with your kids is the best way to keep them off drugs...
It was kind of a funny situation- the kids in this family seemed a lot more mature, calm, and collected than the parents, and they kind of stepped in to take control of the situation and deal with bonding all of them out of jail while the parents just did a lot of crying. At the risk of overgeneralizing, I think that hippies produce odd kids who are used to having to deal with situations when their parents melt down. Maybe I should ask Reasonable Rosa about this potential phenomenon. Her parents were allegedly hippies of some sort. Rosa, on the other hand, clearly did not get the hippie gene.
In other news, the Texas House of Reps voted today by a margin of 135 to 6 to prohibit gay couples from becoming foster parents. Hooray Texas!
When I saw a woman from CPS being interviewed about this on television, her response was, "Well, I've never heard of any kind of study or anything that indicates that children are damaged by being raised in gay households, but CPS certainly needs more support, and I think the legislature would only give it to us with this provision on it..."
Great. When I worked as a guardian ad litem a couple of years ago (during my brief period of solo practice), I represented foster kids who were going through the state's guardianship system. The foster care system was in such desperate need of parents that it was placing up to like 7 or 8 kids in a single household (for real- I saw it with my own eyes). As things seem to be shaping up, poverty-stricken welfare moms who can barely manage to take care of themselves can get foster kids simply in order to boost their income (the state provides a modest subsidy for foster parents), but a gay couple living in a $500,000 house with a Mercedes and a BMW in the driveway can't qualify. All of this despite the fact that there is pretty much no clinical, empirical, or even anecdotal evidence to suggest that growing up in a home with two gay parents does any harm to a developing child. So our state legislature is willing to cut off its nose to spite its face- to turn kids away from loving homes in order that our legislators can satisfy an agenda born of bias, prejudice, ignorance, and fear. Hooray for Texas! This kind of crap makes me want to blow something up (Note, dear censors, that I did not say I was planning on blowing anything up. Yet.)

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Sigmund Bloom said...

keep givin em hell steanso. i dont think i have been as pissed off at the lege as i am about this law, and thats saying a lot.