Tuesday, April 19, 2005

OK, the network was down at our office yesterday, so that's why there was no post. I apologize profusely.
The Bridenstine wedding was a festive event. The Steans clan all got along pretty well, and it was widely recognized that the Steans boys, along with sister-in-law Jamie McBride, were the most furious and fabulous dancers on the dancefloor at the reception. At one point, I actually thought that the people on the dancefloor were going to make a circle so that Ryan could do the robot. I got to meet lots of Bridenstines that I had heard about for years but never met, and they seemed like a pretty fun group. Kudos to Sunny for being the runner up best dancer behind the Steans kids. The Karebear wasn't bad, either.
Last night I had dinner at the Wilsons. We had yummy burritos and apple juice. After dinner, Jeff wandered into the yard where he saw an owl. Jeff Wilson has long fantasized about owls, having commented previously that he has considered building some sort of owl habitat in his backyard. At any rate, when the moment of truth came, a very excitable Jeff Wilson did what I can only imagine is exactly the wrong thing to do when spotting some rare, introverted bit of wildlife that you've been hoping would nest in your yard- he screamed his head off. "MAAANDY!!!!! STEEEEEANS!!!!!! OOOWWWLLLL!!!!!"
The owl quickly fled, and by the time Mandy and I arrived outside, it was making its way away from the Wilson abode- a shadowy figue flitting away from us amongst the trees.
Jeff thinks that the owl was attracted to the toads in his backyard pond, so he is convinced that the owl will return, but my personal belief is that no sensible creature would return to a yard where people are screaming like that. The countless toads, however, don't seem to mind.

A former client of mine just called for a chat. It all started harmlessly enough. He told me he had picked up a ticket for public intoxication.
"Well, you gotta be careful when you party downtown, man."
"Uh, yeah. I think I might have another problem, too."
"Oh, yeah? What's that?"
"I think some girl might be saying I did a sex crime on her."
"You think? What makes you think that?"
"Well, this detective just called me....."
Crap. Now I probably gotta sit through an interrogation tomorrow.

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