Friday, April 08, 2005

Well, I got a new computer (which was why there was no blog yesterday), and the blog server seems to be hating me these days and not wanting to let me post my blogs (this is my 3rd attempt today). Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I hope eveyone has a good weekend. There's a waiting room full of people waiting to see me, each cherubic little face representing a different crime, and I'm just hoping that at least one of them has done something interesting. I don't think I can handle another DWI this afternoon. My kingdom for a good drug raid or an organized theft ring.
Went to happy hour at Opal Divine's yesterday. It was ok, but there were babies there. Babies in bars make me uneasy, a little. Which is weird, b/c dogs in bars don't bother me. Of course, most dogs would handle themselves better in a bar brawl than most babies.
Went to lunch with DK today. DK is the manager of a softball team, and apparently their social referee as well. DK told me about how she has to kick some woman off their softball team today b/c she keeps dating and then braking up with one of their best players. The whole mess is driving this good player crazy, so she was gonna quit, but DK is kicking this other girl off the team in order to keep the more talented girl on the roster and preserve their team's quality of play (which is apparently at a sort of Bad News Bears level, anyway). Anyway, there's an important lesson to be learned here about... well... uh...
OK, there's not really a lesson, but I laughed when she told me the story.
Well, let's see if this will publish.

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