Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well, kids, God willing, there will be no further posts by Steanso until June 3rd or thereabouts. Hopefully by this time tomorrow Steanso will be watching Crackbass barf up daquiris into some canal in New Orleans.
Try not to miss me too much.

And seriously, in light of my latest client interview, take this to heart: if any of you guys ever do something illegal and the cops come knocking on your door, do not talk to them. Tell them that you have a friend who's a criminal defense attorney who told you never to talk to the cops without an attorney being present. They may threaten to take you to jail, but it's a lot better to spend an hour or two in the pokey than to give the cops all of the evidence they need to convict you in court (which will usually end in a much longer jail sentence, probation, or prison). Despite what they may lead you to believe, if the cops are questioning you as a suspect, they are NOT there to help you or do you any kind of favors, and they will lie their fool heads off to get you to hang yourself by admitting guilt.
Here endeth the lesson.

Well, that's about it. Keep your heads down 'til I return.

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