Monday, July 29, 2019


Hey!  So I got back from my training in Dallas on Thursday evening.  Amy and Jean had spent the day out at my parents' place, and Raylan had ended up staying out there to spend the night.

Jean, Amy, Kiddo and I walked down to Central Market Cafe to eat dinner.  We were experiencing a weird, midsummer cold front, and the weather was really pleasant.

Raylan, hanging out with Grandma and Papa on Friday.

Jean jetted out for Phoenix on Friday.  It was really nice of her to come help with the kids while I was in Dallas.  Sounds like she and Amy had a good time (they took Raylan to Natural Bridge Caverns!).
I was back at work Friday.

On Saturday morning we went to Mt. Playmore for a birthday party for Raylan's friend, Dorothy.  The kids, of course, had a blast.  (and the adults had fun, too)

Kiddo gleefully explores Kiddie Kanyon at Mt. Playmore

Amy helps serve pizza at the birthday party
After the pizza party we headed over to Steiner Ranch.  The kids had naps (well, Raylan had "quiet time"), and then we went to the pool.

Sometimes I avoid posting portrait pictures of Kiddo
because I have to blur out her face.  But this swimming
outfit needed to be memorialized....
We all did a lot of swimming and relaxing at the pool.  It was really nice.
Later, Mom and Dad (mostly Mom) fed us spaghetti for dinner.  It was great.
Afterwards we packed up and rolled home.  We had a really good time at the party and at Grandma and Papa's house.
On Sunday morning we went to church at my mom and dad's church.  Some kids from the congregation had been working on a sort of musical of Daniel and the Lion's Den.  They did a really good job!
Kit, Shelly, and Spencer came out to go to church with us.
Our kids were sort of mesmerized by the singing performance of the older kids.  Eventually Kiddo got squirmy and had to go to the cry room, but not until almost the end of the service.

Raylan and Kiddo take in the performance
After church we went home for lunch and nap.

Later, Raylan helped Amy make banana muffins.

When bananas look like they are going to go bad in our
house, muffins often magically appear...

Later, we played in the back yard.  They said it hit like 101 degrees yesterday, but it stayed breezy, and our back yard is shady.  It was actually pretty comfortable.

The engine on this car seems like it's running a little

And that was about it.  No band practice this week  I played a little guitar and tried to entertain the kids with it a bit.

Have a great week!  Stay cool!

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