Monday, July 01, 2019


We had a pretty good weekend, albeit a sort of low key one.

On Saturday we got some exercise.  Ryan and Jamie came over for lunch (we ordered some pizza), and the kids got to hang out with them a bit.  Ryan and Jamie are headed for the Upper Peninsula or Michigan with my parents this week for vacation, so we were happy to squeeze in a chance to visit with them between our trip to Utah and their trip to the U.P..  It was nice to hang out.  Both Raylan and Kiddo seemed very happy to see them.
Later on Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the Garrison Park pool.  We had a really fun time swimming.  Afterward we went to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.

On Sunday we exercised again and then drove up to Catch Air.  Raylan had been there before with my parents, but we had never gone.  It was a big ol', fun, indoor playground.  We had a really fun time.  The kids loved it.

Raylan on da slide

Kiddo executes a reverse descent

Raylan dances it out during the kid dance party
(he really did enjoy dancing)
Afterward we went next door to Moonie's for hamburgers/chicken sandwiches.  Pretty good!

Raylan explains something complicated to Amy during lunch
We got home and sort of crashed.  Raylan played with some toys in his room.

Epic castle
Later Frank came over and we played some music at the house.  We had a good time.  Amy said we "sounded like music", so I'm calling that a win!

And that was our weekend.

It went by really fast.

Have a good week!

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