Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Hi!  I'm in Dallas this week for the state bar's Advanced Criminal Law seminar.

I'm a little late on posting a blog update this week.

Last week Kiddo got sick.  I stayed home with her on Friday.  At one point I loaded her into the car to run a quick errand, and.... managed to back my car into a concrete pole in a parking lot.
Neither Kiddo or I got hurt.  In fact, Kiddo laughed.  I'm glad someone enjoyed it.

My next car WILL have a backup camera.
On Saturday we were taking care of a lot of stuff.  I had to do laundry for my trip.  Amy had to get some work done for a project at work.
The kids played in the yard a lot, including running through the sprinkler for a while.

Kiddo and Raylan do some summertime swangin'

sprinkler + slide = water slide
In the afternoon we took the kids to The Thinkery.  It gave the kids a chance to run around and be active in a nice, stimulating, air conditioned building.   We had a good time.

Kiddo tends to put the Lite Bright pegs in her mouth at home,
so they're usually off limits.  So this was waaaay exciting.

Kiddo in the water room at The Thinkery.
Despite the heat, the kids wanted to play a bit on the playground outside The Thinkery, afterward.

Raylan, determined to summit the playscape.
On Sunday we went to Garrison pool for a while.  It was fun.  Good time with the family.

Late Sunday afternoon I drove to Dallas for the seminar.  Jean got into town shortly after I left to stay with Amy and the kids.

The seminar has been pretty good.  The picture below is from an Italian restaurant called Campisi's.  It's sort of a Dallas institution, from what I'm told.  It was my friend, Carla's, birthday yesterday, so here she is with her birthday wine!

Carla's birthday/Advanced Crim Law 2019

That's it.  Have a good week!

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