Monday, July 15, 2019


Hello!  I hope everyone had a nice, summery weekend.
Ours was good!
My mom and dad got back from Michigan last week.  Sounds like they had a nice trip to the U.P. with Ryan and Jamie.  I think we might be headed up there with them next year.
Raylan was excited that they were back and Mom and Dad were excited to see Raylan, so Raylan went out to their house and spent Thursday through Saturday out there.  He had a blast.  Swimming pools, bounce houses, and generally being spoiled.  That kid has a rough life!  ;-)
On Saturday Amy, Kiddo, and I drove out to Steiner Ranch to go meet up with them and go to the pool.  Ryan and Jamie met us out there to go swimming as well.  It was really fun to see everyone and hang out.  We ate lunch at Mom and Dad's, and ended up staying all the way to eat the leftovers for dinner.  (Ryan and Jamie bailed out after lunch)

The whole family in the Steiner Ranch Towne Square pool

Raylan schools Papa on magna-tiles
In the evening Amy and I watched Stranger Things.
On Sunday we drove way up into North Austin (near where I grew up) to go to the El Salido pool with Shelly, Kit, and Spencer.  We had a good time.  I felt like I didn't get to talk to Shelly and Kit all that much because I was chasing kids around the whole time, but it was still nice to see them.

El Salido has a kid pool/splash pad with playground equipment in
the water.  Genius!
Raylan jumped off a diving board for his first time on Sunday!  He's been swimming better and better lately, and he kept closely watching some kids who were probably 6 through 10 who were going off the diving board.  I could tell he was intrigued.
The first time he got up on the diving board he walked out to the end and stopped when he realized that there was a little drop to the water.  Then a lifeguard blew their whistle and told him he wasn't allowed to wear his goggles when he was going off the board.  Then some girl little girl (probably 6 or so) started yelling at him that he should just climb back down.  He got a little rattled.
So he turned around and climbed back down.  He said he didn't want to jump.
I understood.  He's only 4, after all, and he really only started getting much better at swimming in the last month or two.  Plus, he always looks underwater at how deep the water is in the deep end by the diving boards and comments on how far down the bottom is.
But then we went back to the regular prat of the pool and kept swimming, and he kept looking over at those kids who were going off the board...
Eventually he said, "Dad, I want to try again."
He climbed out of the pool before I really realized what was going on.  I scrambled after him, and by the time I got by the deep end to watch him he was up on the diving board. 
He walked out to the end, stopped, said it looked a little scary, and then jumped right in.  He swam over to the side very capably on his own and then hopped out to go again.
I was very proud of him- not for going off the diving board so much, but for being brave enough to stick with something that was a little scary because he really wanted to learn how to do it.

After a few jumps, Raylan wanted his mom to see him do it, so we went and got Amy (and Shelly and Kit and Spencer).

By Raylan's 7th or 8th jump, he was doing spin moves
We swam for about 2 hours.  Then we headed home and had lunch and took naps.  Both kids slept hard.
Later on we played.

Amy reads a story to Raylan.  Kiddo, apparently dissatisfied, went
and got her own book to look at.

In the evening we had band practice.  All of us were there.  We sounded awright.

And that was about it!  Good weekend.  Went by too fast!

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