Monday, July 08, 2019

July 4th and Update

Hey!!  So I hope everyone is having a good summer!
Things are going pretty well at our house.

This past week was the 4th of July.  My parents were up in Michigan, on vacation with Ryan and Jamie, so we didn't see grandparents or aunt and uncle for the 4th this year. 
We still managed to have a pretty good time, though.

On the morning of July 4th Raylan had a swimming lesson.  After that we took Raylan and Kiddo over to Galindo Elementary to play on their playground.  It was a nice, shady spot, and the school has goats!  The goats were a big hit, especially with Kiddo, who wanted to pet them through the fence.

Happy birthday, America!

Kiddo and this goat developed a special understanding
In the afternoon we went out to the Hill Country Galleria, which was hosting a family-friendly July 4th event.  They had a stage with live music, a bunch of arts and crafts vendors, and bounce houses for the kids.  Kiddo was a little too young for the bounce houses, but Raylan had a blast.  In fact, while we all had fun people watching, the outing eventually turned into an event where the rest of the family followed Raylan from bounce house to bounce house, waiting in line with him and cheering him on as he flailed his way through the inflatable madness.

Shooting out of the mouth of a giant tiger.
To celebrate American independence.

Waiting in line for the coveted water slide bounce house


I used to have one of these for my pet hamster when I
was a kid...
By the night of July 4th, the kids were tired enough to collapse into bed.  Amy and I watched a new episode of Stranger Things.  Loud fireworks went off on the street behind us, but the kids were passed out and didn't open an eye.

Friday the kids went to preschool for part of the day while Amy and I got some treasured grown up time together.  We went to Garrison Pool and laid in the sun and listened to some music.  It was quiet and magical.  Whole different experience going to the pool without kids.

On Saturday we got up and went out for breakfast.

Mom, I have a lot more things to tell you before I decide whether I want to
finish my food.

We headed back to Garrison pool on Saturday, but this time with kids.  It was a much more active experience.  But a lot of fun.  Raylan keeps getting better and better at swimming.  I didn't take any pictures.

On Sunday Raylan helped Amy wash our cars, and then the kids wanted to go swimming in the pool in the yard. 

Raylan swims some laps while Kiddo literally hangs out.

The women's World Cup finals were on Sunday.  Somehow I missed the first half (I got the time wrong), but no goals were scored, anyway, so it all worked out.
Much to my surprise, Raylan was fairly interested in the game.  I kept yelling at the TV, and I think he was curious about what was getting Dad all riled up.
He kept cheering for the Netherlands, even though I kept trying to get him to cheer for the U.S.  The Netherlands had orange jerseys, though, and apparently that was the deciding factor.
It was a good game, and a great tournament.  I was happy to see the U.S. win, but also just happy about the overall quality of play from all of the top teams.

Raylan and Kiddo settle in for the second half.

Sunday afternoon we just played in the yard.  It was a little hot out, but there was a breeze, and the kids didn't seem to mind.

Tree climbin'

Raylan dubbed himself "Spider Boy" this weekend.
I resulted in a lot of acrobatic climbing activity...

Sunday evening I had band practice with Reed and Frank.  We sounded pretty good, I think.  At any rate, I had a good time.  I got a chance to play my new 12 string Danelectro.  It worked pretty well, so that was cool.

And that's it.  Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Jamie should all be back in town by tonight, I think. 

Have a great week!

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