Thursday, March 28, 2019


Hey!  Late post this week, but it's been really busy, both at work and at home.
I can barely remember the weekend.  I mean, I really can't remember how we spent our time.  One of the good things about keeping a blog is just keeping track of how you spend your time.  It might seem sort of pedestrian from week to week, but it's often fun to go back a year or two later and see what we were up to at a particular point in time.

I don't really remember Friday that well.  I know they finally came and installed the correct door at our house (we had purchased a new door months back, and they came and installed one with the wrong window in it.  We had to threaten to sue them to finally get Lowe's to come fix it).

On Saturday I think we mostly hung out at the house.  I truly can't remember.

Saturday bubble party in the yard with Kiddo and Raylan
Saturday night we got a babysitter and went out to see Captain Marvel at the movie theater near our house.  It was... okay.  I didn't think it was nearly as fun or as well written as some of the other Marvel movies.  Brie Larson was fine, but I thought the writing was pretty mediocre.  Still, it was fun to get out of the house.

On Sunday we took the kids to the South Austin Recreation Center to play on their playground.  They had a good time.  It's a nice playground, and there were a number of dogs there, which made Kiddo really happy.  She loves dogs.

Raylan practices for life aboard a space station.


Later on Sunday I took Kiddo to a TuneBugz music class for little kids while Amy went running with Raylan in a stroller (he's really too big for it, so it's basically a sort of chariot for him at this point).  Kiddo maybe sort of seemed to like her music class.  Hard to tell.  She seemed slightly overwhelmed, but she didn't cry, so I'm calling it a win.

Late Sunday afternoon or early Sunday evening, Amy went to get a massage.  I had given her a gift certificate for a massage for her birthday, and she finally cashed it in.  While she was getting a massage, Kiddo, Raylan, and I met up with Ryan and Jamie at La Posada for dinner.
It was good to see them.  We got to talk a bit, and they helped me entertain the kids.

And that was about it.  No band practice over the weekend.

Work has been crazy this week.  There's a cafe in my building called The Granger Building Café, and I eat there a lot.  The food is fine, and it's something I can grab after a quick lunchtime workout.  Anyway, over time, I've gotten to sort of know the people who work there.  They're good folks, and they make me laugh.
I have had a sort of busy week, and one day they asked me why I wasn't smiling.  This led to a 10 minute rant by me about judges and lawyers who I felt had been giving me a hard time that morning.  They sort of laughed at my theatrics, and then when they brought me my chicken nachos, they told me that they had made them extra special to cheer me up...

The nachos worked.

Have a great Friday, everybody!

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