Monday, April 01, 2019


Hi!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Raylan's class is studying community helpers this month, and they had a visit from the Austin Fire Department on Friday!  As you can see in the picture, Raylan was pretty excited about the whole thing.  Raylan told me that Kiddo's class got to come out and see the firefighters as well.

Anyone here have a strange fascination with
smoke detectors?
On Friday night we hung out at the house.  After Kiddo was asleep in bed, Raylan and I played in the yard for a little while.  Nighttime outside play is pretty much a weekend treat at this point.

No, I'm not sure what is happening in this picture.
Night time freeform dance?
Clumsy Superman?

Friday night Amy wasn't feeling great and didn't sleep super well.  So Saturday morning I got up and took the kids to La Posada for breakfast.

Table full o' trouble.
Later on Saturday we went to The Natural Gardener to get some potted plants for the front of our house.

Our intrepid explorer locates a small stream, deep in
the heart of South Austin's largest outdoor nursery. 

"I don't get it."

Saturday afternoon involved planting and gym.  On Saturday evening Susan came over to babysit the kids, and Amy and I went out to dinner with my parents.
We went to Cypress Grill, and we had a really nice time.  It was really good to be able to have some grownup conversation with Mom and Dad without having kids dominate the scene.
The food was good, the conversation was good, and it was a really nice evening.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for dinner, and to Susan for babysitting.

On Sunday I took Kiddo to TuneBugz class in the morning.  She seems like she's warming up to the class and enjoying it a little more.  She liked the little instruments and some of the dancing this week.  She really tried to participate in the little dances.  Amy stayed behind and played with Raylan at the house.

Later there was lunch and naps general tomfoolery.  We played outside a little bit, but a late season cold front had blown in, and it was a little brisk outside.  Kiddo got up from nap before Raylan and spent a lot of time trying to climb on me and sit one me while I tried to interest her in toys.

Sunday night I had band practice.  It was Reed and Jim and me.  Jim brought his upright bass, and I played my 12 strong, so we had an acoustic thing going.  We were sort of working out some of the stuff to try to make it sound better on acoustics, but we had some good moments.

And that was pretty much the weekend!

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