Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Hi!  Hope everyone is doing okay.

Well, it's been a sort of bumpy week here at our house.  Last Friday and into Saturday Amy had a cold.  On Monday Kiddo had a fever, so she stayed home from preschool with Amy, and I took her to the doctor when I got home.

She had an ear infection, so she got started on antibiotics.

Kiddo and I wait patiently to see the pediatrician.
So Amy was home on Monday and Tuesday with Kiddo.

On Wednesday, we got a call from Raylan's school saying Raylan had a fever, so we took him to the doctor to make sure he didn't have an ear infection.  The doctor said he probably had a cold with a fever (which is apparently a thing that happens to kids).

Stick out your tongue and say AHHHH!!!
So Thursday I took over kid duties.  Kiddo had come down with a fever again the evening before, so I kept he home with Raylan and me.  It was really cold outside, and we had a long sick day in the house.
Whatsa matter, Raylan?  Ya got no fight in ya after ya
caught a little fever?!?!

Kiddo was fever free again by mid-day on Thursday, so she went back to school on Friday.  Raylan stayed home with me.

By Friday night Kiddo had fever again, though, so on Saturday she went to the doctor again.  By now she had a double ear infection and the initial does of amoxicillin wasn't working, so they switched her to a different kind of antibiotic.

Kiddo's face is blurred out, so you're going to have to trust
me when I say that she screamed for over 30 minutes straight
while we waited to see the doctor.  She was not happy to be there
for the second time in a week.

Kiddo started improving pretty rapidly once they switched the antibiotic.
Saturday night, though, because we'd had such a boring week, Raylan decided to throw us a curveball by slipping in the bathtub and whacking his chin.  He knocked it right on the edge of the tub and split it open, soooo... he went back to the doctor.  Amy took him this time, and he got glue stitches.

On Sunday, Raylan actually asked to take a nap, an act which was an obvious sign of illness, given his usual fight-to-the-death stance against any sort of resting during the daytime.  When he got up from nap, we took his temperature, and he had a fever.
We all piled in the car together and took him to the doctor.  They ran a flu test, and... he had the flu.
The doctor thought that this was a separate illness from the original cold (since his temperature seemed to have gone up and down), but she wasn't exactly sure.

To add yet another layer of fun to the weekend, somehow I messed up my back (possibly at the gym on Saturday).  By Monday morning I could barely walk, and had to take myself to the doctor and miss work.

My mom, who celebrated her birthday Monday, got to celebrate it by taking care of Raylan and keeping him over night.
Oh well- she loves Raylan, and hopefully she and Dad had a good visit with him.
We love you, Mom!!!!

So, while not exactly tragic, it hasn't been one of our better weeks.

Kiddo and Amy try to catch a few winks while recovering from various things.

Hope the rest of this week is good for everyone!!

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