Sunday, March 10, 2019


Hey! How's it going?

Our weekend was a little bumpy once again, but better than the weekend before.
Amy was sort of struggling with a cold last week, and on Thursday her ear started bothering her.
Well, by Friday night she had blood coming out of it.  Of course, this all happened too late to go see a doctor, so she scheduled an appointment online for Saturday morning.
Raylan doesn't have a fever anymore, but he still has been coughing a lot at night, and his energy level is a little lower than usual.  My back is slowly getting better, but is still sore.
Anyway, there wasn't much sleep to be had at our house on Friday night.  On Saturday morning Amy went to the doctor and got antibiotics for her ear infection.
Saturday we went to Great Clips and got haircuts for Raylan, Kiddo, and me.  Raylan let them use clippers on his head, so that was a big deal.

Just make me look cool.

Raylan, trying to show off his haircut while chewing on a lollipop,
refusing to let go of his tablet, and staring into the sun.
After the haircuts we went to the park for about half an hour to enjoy a little sunshine.

We had been planned to go out to do a spring celebration of family birthdays at a nice dinner downtown with our family and the McBrides (which had involved quite a bit of babysitter juggling after our first sitter cancelled), but we ended up not going due to illness and lack of sleep on Friday night.
We were sorry to have missed it.  Hope the rest of the fam had fun!

Saturday night we were much more successful in getting some sleep.

Sunday morning we met up with Kit, Shelly, and Spencer for brunch at Kerbey Lane.
It was great to see them and get a chance to hang out.

Kiddo and Spencer entertain one another at the table

Kit helps Spencer get a better look around

After we went out to breakfast with Shelly and Kit and Spencer, we all went over to Half Price Books.  It was fun to goof around in there with the kids.  Raylan and Bella got some books (including Where the Sidewalk Ends, which Raylan seems to find both interesting and possibly a little alarming).

The rest of Sunday was mostly chores and errands and messing around the house.  I went and picked up our new laptop computer over at Barton Creek Mall.  Raylan took pretty big naps both Saturday and Sunday, which is unusual and probably another sign (in addition to nighttime coughing) that he's still not quite back to full speed.

Kiddo and Raylan on their fort

Amy and Raylan in a big red ball battle.
Guess who won?
Sunday evening I went to band practice.  Reed, Frank, Jim, and I were there.  We played a couple of new songs, and I thought we sounded pretty good.
And that was the weekend!

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