Monday, March 18, 2019

Birthday Weekend

Hey!  So I turned 46 this weekend!  46!!!
Hard to believe.

For the couple of weeks leading up to my birthday my back had been bothering me, but I went to the doctor last Thursday and got some meds, and I was feeling a lot better by the weekend.
In keeping with the tradition of the last few years, I took a vacation day on Friday so I could go see some live music and enjoy some South by Southwest.

Frank came with me this year, so that was cool.  We basically just rolled around South Congress for most of the afternoon checking out bands.

We saw a band from Australia called Bloods at Guero's.  They were cool.  I liked the singer's voice.  She reminded me of Go-Go's era Belinda Carlisle.  And we saw some other bands....

Katie Harkin.  Pretty cool.  Apparently has played with both Sleater Kinney
and Courtney Barnett.  If the internet is to be believed.  They had some
interesting, more-than-just-catchy songs.
Garrett LeBeau.  Bluesy and funky and really talented musicians.

Pat Byrne.  He's Irish, but he lives in Austin.  He was pretty good.
Catchy tunes, so I could see him taking off.


Frank, looooving the taste of his first ever michelada!

Dylan Cartlidge.  This guy was super funky.  More psychedelic hip hop funk than
Garrett LeBeua, though.
Groovy set!  

The Waco Brothers
Nothing says SXSW more than packing a crowd into an alley
behind an art gallery to listen to an alt country punk
band from Chicago
In addition to those pictures, we saw Marie Chain, who is from Germany (performing with Tribe as a backing band), and Gabriella Cohen at SX San Jose.  They were both pretty good.

On Saturday my parents took the kids for the night.  In the early evening Amy and I headed over to Pinthouse Pizza to meet up with friends.
Reed, Ryan, Jamie, Ruben, Miguel, Diego, Kit, Shelly, and Spencer came out to celebrate and have a beer and some pizza with us.

Reed and me.  Both of us wearing party hats.
Who's 46?!?!

Ryan and Reed having a serious conversation.  I bet it's about a
Marvel movie

The birthday revelers!

Diego with one of his baby slaves, Miguel.  I showed up for
Diego's birthday, so it was good of him
to return the favor!

Ryan seems really excited about the Asian jello gummie
fruit snacks!  ("Thanks", Kit!)
So we hung out and had pizza and drank some beer.  Later, Kit, Shelly, Spencer, Ryan, and Jamie came over to our house for a while to hang out.  We had another drink or two, and talked about NASA and local news anchors.  Spencer passed out in Kiddo's bed.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Amy and I went out for breakfast, ran some errands, and exercised.  Then the kids came home.  There was lunch and naps, some playing in the yard, and a "family walk" (Raylan outran me by about half a mile on his balance bike, Amy chased him, and Kiddo threw her shoe out of the stroller, which later required a search and rescue mission).

Raylan, Kiddo, and Amy enjoy some beautiful St. Patty's Day
On Sunday night we had a band practice with just Frank, Reed, and me.  It was fun.  We sounded pretty good, and it was just nice to get together with the guys and just hang out on my birthday.  The older you get, the more you appreciate your friends, I think.

And in that vein- thanks to everyone who made my birthday so nice!  Thanks to Amy for helping out so much on Friday and over the last couple of weeks while my messed up back has had me struggling to get by.  Thanks to Frank for being my SXSW wingman.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for helping out with the kids.  Thanks to Ryan, Jamie, Shelly, Kit, Ruben, and Miguel for coming out to help celebrate.

It was a really nice birthday!  I'm extremely lucky to have such great friends and family!

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