Monday, February 25, 2019


Hi!  We had a pretty good weekend, even if it was once again a bit low key.  Amy came down with a cold on Friday, so she was feeling a bit under the weather Friday night and for a good chunk of Saturday.

We had really nice weather this weekend, though.  On Saturday we mostly messed around at the house, and then in the afternoon, we went to a playdate over at Dorothy's house.  Dorothy is one of Raylan's best friends from school.  Her parents are Cesar and Sue.  Sam and Evie, two other good friends from school (twins!) were also there.  Their parents are Charlie and Claire.

Raylan and Evie play with a giant ball at Dorothy's place

The kids gather round the sandbox (Kiddo's head is poking up there
on the end)
Raylan kept winning races.  Because he didn't tell the other kids there
was a race until he was already running.
Saturday evening we stopped on the way home from the play date at La Posada.

Amy and Kiddo enjoy their dinner
On Sunday we mostly played around the house.  In the morning I went to visit my Uncle Donald, who is in the hospital.  He's not feeling very well, but it was good to see him.

Later, we just enjoyed the weather and played in the yard.
Raylan pushes Kiddo on her swing
Somewhere in there we ran some errands as well.

In the evening I went to band practice.  It ended up just being Reed and I.  Meredith came in and sang "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" with us.  She sounded good, and it was a cool moment.

Well, that's about it!

Have a good week!

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