Thursday, February 21, 2019


Well, we had a good President's Day weekend, even if it was pretty low key.
The weather was better than it was forecast to be, so we spent some time outside.
Mostly, it was a weekend of taking care of some chores and errands, coupled with playing with the kids.
Some of the time it was pretty cold, but we got some sunshine as well.

Amy helps Kiddo and Raylan with their Play-Doh creations
on Friday night 

Raylan practices riding his bike up at Joslin on Sunday

Amy flies a kite with some help from Raylan and Kiddo

Raylan helps Kiddo swing

On Monday we took Kiddo and Raylan to school for half a day.  We ran a couple of errands and went to see a movie (Isn't It Romantic?).  In the afternoon the kids were back and we played out in the yard some more.

That was the weekend.  It wasn't super exciting, but it was nice.

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