Sunday, February 10, 2019

Amy Birthday and Update

Hi! Happy birthday to Amy!  She just turned 32 on Thursday, and we had a fun weekend celebrating her big day!
On Thursday our family went to dinner at La Posada.  It was fun.  It was good to hang out with everyone, and the food was good.  Raylan won a new friend, a fox that he named Frank, from the claw machine.

anxiously waiting on Tex Mex

Ryan and Mom, plotting something

This is what you get when you try to snap
a pic of Ryan and Jamie without them noticing
On Friday my mom and dad picked up Raylan and Kiddo from school so Amy and I could go to see Neko Case perform at Bass Concert Hall.

Out on the town to see Neko for Amy's birthday!
The Neko Case show was really good.  Her band is super tight, and she's got great musicians playing with her.  She's got a great rhythm session, and a couple of great guitarists who are multi-instrumentalists and who handle everything from keyboards to banjo to pedal steel.
The musicians are all great, but the most fundamental element of Case's music is always the vocals.  Neko has a unique, powerful, melancholy sort of voice, and she has backing singers who layer harmonies within her songs that make them rich and, frequently, quite beautiful.
It was a good show.  We had a really nice time.  The music made it worth braving the damp, 30-something degree weather on a Friday night.  Thank goodness the show was in a nice, warm concert hall.
On Saturday my parents kept the kids so we could run some errands and have a day to do adult stuff.
Mom sent this picture of the four of them riding a train at the mall.  It doesn't look like the kids suffered too much in our absence...

Papa, give the man some extra money so we can
see how fast this thing can go!!!!
On Saturday afternoon we went shopping for a new chair for me.  As you can see in the picture below, shopping for furniture (or anything besides guitars, really), is not exactly one of my favorite activities...

I know that this isn't a chair, but I'm just resting here to regain my energy...
We did eventually find a chair.  I hope it fits into our house okay...

Saturday night we went out for dinner.  Thai food.  Yum!

Kind of weird lighting at the Thai place, but the birthday
girl still looks good!!
On Sunday morning we met up with my folks to pick up the kids.  They came home and played a bit before lunch and nap.  Then we played in the house a bit.

Raylan, designing block furniture for Frank, Bear, and Freddy.
Later we went to Hoppin' House to try to wear Raylan and Kiddo out a bit before dinner and bed time.

Hoppin' House action photo
We got home from Hoppin' House, and I gave the kids a bath before heading off to band practice.

Band practice was good.  We sounded good, and we had a good time.
Reed, Frank, Jim, and I were there.

And that was the weekend!  It was a little cold and wet this weekend, but we had a good time.
Happy birthday, Amy!  Love you!!!

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