Monday, February 04, 2019


Hi!  Happy February!
We had a pretty good weekend, given that the weather was sort of weird for a good part of it.
Friday night Amy ended up working sort of late, so I ended up unexpectedly grabbing dinner for the kids.  Which resulted in Popeyes Chicken.  Okay, so I might not win an award for nutritionist of the year, but they ate their food and seemed pretty happy!

On Saturday morning we went out for pancakes.  The kids wanted to play outside afterward, even though the weather was a little funky.

Clouds and light drizzle, and they still demand to be outside
In the afternoon we went over to Ruben and Miguel's house for Diego's first birthday party!
Carla, Afton, Dan, Vicki, and some other friends were there with their kids.
Raylan and Kiddo were both very excited to be at a party.
There was a monster made out of balloons, and Kiddo loved it.  She also loved petting Puck, Ruben and Miguel's dog.
There was a pinata to break, and Raylan was really excited about that.  He's seen pinatas on TV, so he understands the concept.  He saw the pinata sitting in the corner of the living room when we walked in, and he immediately ran over to me to ask if we were going to break it open.
He patiently stood in line to hit it, and when it was his turn, he got a few good whacks at it.  He may have even put some dents in it.  When an older kid actually busted it open, he was so shocked that he almost forgot to run in to grab candy.  
But then he remembered.  And he got candy.  
Oh so much candy.


There's nothing uglier than a post-pinata candy mob!!

Diego gets a monster smash cake from Miguel
Saturday night both kids were a little crazy from cupcakes and candy.

On Sunday morning I took Raylan and we went and bought bagels.  Then we installed some new lights on the front of our house.
Sunday afternoon we went to Joslin park to play for a while.

The sun finally came out!

snack break!
Sunday night the Superbowl was on.  I only watched enough of it to justify eating chips and queso in front of the TV.

And that was pretty much the weekend!

It went by really quickly.

Have a good week!

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