Sunday, July 29, 2018


Hey!It feels like it's been a long time since I posted. Of course, it's actually just been a week, but a lot has happened in that week.
I wrote about how Amy's mom and dad arrived from Phoenix to hang out for the week.
Well, on Sunday I left for San Antonio to go to the State Bar Advanced Criminal Law Course.  I go almost every year.  It helps me get my continuing legal education credits.
It also provides a pretty good opportunity for networking and hanging out with co-workers and colleagues from the courthouse.

Rosa, Lasto, Dan, and Judge Crain pile into the back of a too-small
Uber in search of Mexican food

Lasto "weighs the evidence" in terms of who got the bigger

Lunch with Corby and Ruben

Flo and Ruben at Southerleigh

Me, Kathryn, and Ruben at Bar America.  We used to occasionally
go to that bar in college.  It's been open since the 1940's.
I drove Kathryn back from San Antonio.  We fought some horrible traffic, and it took over 3 hours to get home (usually it takes half that).
On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Dorothy, one of Raylan's school friends.  The party was at the splash pad over at Ricky Guerrero park.
We had a nice time!  Raylan had fun playing with his school friends, and it was good to see and catch up with all of the parents.

Raylan and Genevieve keep cool in the water

Raylan, already having a cupcake, eyes Dorothy's cupcake
After the splash pad party, Amy went to the gym, and, tasked with feeding Raylan lunch, I took him to Dairy Queen.

Chomping that cone
Splash pad, punch drunk crazy and flying high on sugar.
Must be summer time.

On Saturday Jean and Greg drove up to Georgetown to check out Sun City.  They spent the night up there (which is a thing they do for potential home buyers), and had a nice time.

Raylan talks to Nana about how things are going in Sun City
On Sunday Jean and Greg stopped back by the house to say goodbye before heading for the airport.
It seems like they had a nice trip.  Greg put up some more shelves at our place while I was gone and repaired a problematic door.  (so, thanks, Greg!)

Raylan plays a phone game with Nana
Later on Sunday, we all piled in the car, picked up Shelly at her house, and drove out to see Tommy and Kelly in Taylor.  The day was hot, but it was good to see them.  Kelly is recovering from a medical procedure, so  we brought her some treats and some company.

Raylan "says hi" to Chowder at Shelly and Kit's house.  Chowder, being
no fool, heads for the exit.
We went up to Taylar and visited Kelly and Tommy.  It was good to see them and nice to see their place.
On the way out we stopped at a park near their house so Raylan could see the ducks.  He was much more impressed with the small stream, the pond, and some water pipes that he found than he was with the actual ducks.  But I liked the ducks.

The ducks, being almost as big as Raylan, were not fazed by him.
That was about it.  We went home and grilled salmon burgers for dinner.

Between going to Advanced, having Amy's folks in town, a birthday party, and visits with friends, it's been a good but long week!  (I'm just tired)
It's also really hot.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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