Monday, July 23, 2018


Hey! So our weekend was fast and sort of crazy.
Raylan spent the night with my mom and dad on Thursday night.  Amy and I went to a neighborhood association meeting and went out to dinner.
On Friday we came home and met up with my parents and Raylan at our house.

Raylan and Dad construct a perpetual motion machine out of plastic pipes
After we got home we had to take off pretty quickly.  We went to a neighborhood happy hour out at Hi Sign Brewery.  The weather was arm, but it was fun.  The kids ran around on their lawn and played with some of their games, and we got to know our neighbors a little better.  The place is right under the Flight Path to the airport, so low flying planes occasionally roar by overhead.  The kids just sort of took that in stride.  I guess everything is new and crazy when you're a kid, and the loud, low-flying planes were just another one of those things.

Hi Sign with the neighbors
On Saturday we took turns working out and doing a few chores.

Marble runnnn!
I took Raylan to the park on Saturday.  It was a little hot.  For a while we didn't mind, but then we did.

Undeterred as the temperature climbs into the triple digits,
Raylan leaps onto the park's elliptical machine

Raylan ponders whether it is his own ego or his reverence for the mountain
which compel him to climb.... this completely plastic collection
of fake playground rocks
On Saturday afternoon Jean and Greg arrived from Phoenix.  It was really good to see them!
Nana (Jean) arrived with some surprises for Raylan, including giant rubber bouncy balls!

The hoppin' ball version of Austin traffic
On Saturday night we went out to dinner at Chuy's.  Raylan had gotten up early, played all day (a lot of it out in the heat), and then refused to nap.  By the time we got to Chuy's he was a little punchy...

Hey, lady!  Who am I?  Where am I?
We had a really nice dinner, though.  Good food and good company.

On Sunday we got up, picked up Jean and Greg at their VRBO condo, and went to Deep Eddy to go swimming.  We had a nice time.  I'm not sure that Jean and Greg were quite ready for how cold the water was, but at least we kept them cool while being outside.

Sunday afternoon I had to leave for the Advanced Criminal Law Course in San Antonio, but I was home for most of the day.  It was nice.

Well, that was it!  It was good to see Jean and Greg.  I'm sure I'll see them again before they leave town (once I get back).  Have a good week!  It's crazy hot in Texas, so everybody stay cool!

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