Wednesday, July 11, 2018

4th of July and Update

Whoops!  I realized today that I forgot to do a blog post about the 4th of July and last weekend!  
I guess we've been busy!

Last Wednesday was the 4th of July.
We had a nice time, even though it felt sort of weird to have a holiday snack dab in the middle of the week.

We got up in the morning and went to La Posada for breakfast.  Afterward we went out to Mom and Dad's house in the morning and went swimming at the Bella Mar pool in Steiner.


We had a really nice time at the pool.  Raylan is getting really good at swimming.

We went back to Mom and Dad's house afterward, and Mom fed us a great lunch with hot dogs, chips, potatoes, fruit, and other stuff.

During lunch it started to rain pretty hard, which made us glad we had gone to the pool early.
We hung out at my folks' house for a while.  Eventually we went home and did a few chores.
We didn't really do fireworks on the 4th.  They started late, and it had been raining most of the day.

On Friday night we ate some Indian food and some frozen yogurt.  Raylan was pretty into it.

Saturday morning I took Raylan to the park and Amy did some chores.

Saturday night Susan did some Raylan sitting while Amy and I went out to dinner at Polvo's with Kit and Shelly.  It was really good to see them.
Afterward they went to a movie, and we went to ABGB to have a beer and listen to some live music.
Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures were playing.  They're sort of a funky, silly, whiter, and probably, to be honest, less talented version of Parliament.  But they were fun, and we had a good time.
We got to sit outside and talk and have a beer before the music started, as well as hear a funk band.  Best of both worlds.

On Sunday we had some kid-having neighbors over for a sort of meet and greet play date.  Amy coordinated the whole thing on Nextdoor, and it seemed to go pretty well.  We met some nice folks, and hopefully found some playmates for Raylan in our neighborhood.  The kids mostly played outside, and a little bit in the house when it got hot.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Sunday evening we didn't have Mono Ensemble practice, but Frank came over and we did some acoustic guitar stuff over at our house.  It was a lot of fun.

And that was pretty much the weekend!
Hope everyone is having a good week.



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