Sunday, August 05, 2018


Hi there!
We had another busy week here at out house.
On Tuesday evening we met up with Jaci, Josh, and Ginny, friends of ours who are currently living over in Bangkok, Thailand, for a couple of years for to a work assignment.  They were in town so Jaci could do some training, and since they were last living in Washington, D.C., before being sent overseas (Amy and I visited them there before Raylan was born), it was an especially rare treat to have them in two so we could visit them here on our home turf.
Since the time we had seen them last, Jaci and Josh had welcomed Ginny to the family, adopting her right before heading off to Thailand.
It was great to see Jaci and Josh and awesome to meet Ginny.  She's an adorable kiddo with a really fun personality.

Ginny wants to share the tablet.  Raylan isn't sure about
sharing the tablet.
We went out to dinner at Cane Rosso.  We had pizza, a drink, and a chance to catch up a bit.

Rylan wants to share the french fries.  Ginny isn't sure about
sharing the french fries.

Jaci, Ginny, and Josh- back from Thailand to make America
great again!  (or to flee back to Thailand until things get better)

Turn the statue on, Dad!  Turn it on!!!
So it was great to see their family.  They're good friends.  Hopefully we get to see them again sooner than later!
On Thursday my mom and dad took Raylan for the day and he stayed with them for two nights.
While he was staying with them at their house it sounded like he had a good time.
They all met up with my mom's old friend, Delores, and her grandkids at the Austin Pizza Garden.

Pizza and a playground?  This place is nuts!!

Friday night we went out to dinner with Emily, Joe, Shelly, and Kit at True Food Kitchen.  It was down in the new(ish) Seaholm District, and we had a nice dinner.  It was good to get a chance to talk to everyone, and the food was pretty good.
Afterward we went to an escape room called Lockout Austin.  I had never done a panic/escape room, and I was a little skeptical, but it ended up being a lot of fun.
During dinner, Emily had taken a poll of who we thought would be the best puzzle solvers our group.  Taking the safe route, I picked the three women.
I think I was mostly right.
The guys weren't necessarily bad at solving puzzles, but the whole thing is on a time crunch, and the women were much faster (as well as being good at solving the puzzles).
We were teamed up with four people that we didn't know, but they were nice (and also smart), and they were fun to work with.

Our victorious picture after solving the murder at the asylum!
Anyway, fun night out.
On Saturday Mom and Dad brought Raylan home, and we took him to Garrison Pool.
We had a fun tome swimming, as always.

That's Raylan and me under that tree (during life guard break)
On Saturday night we walked down to Central Market.  There was a jazz band playing, so we got have dinner at the cafe and listen to some live music.  It was nice.

One more bite of food and then I get to pick, gelato, right?
When we got home Raylan did some chalk drawing.  I know I'm biased, but I think the boy has got some serious skills for a three year old!

Race car.  With motion lines.  So you know it's fast.

Self portrait.  With blue eyes.  And a smile.  Because he's happy.  Right now.
On Sunday we played with trains and went to the grocery store and tried to take a nap.  We played in the back yard and filled up our pool.

Come one step closer, Dad!
Sunday evening I had a band practice with Reed, Jim, and Frank.  I brought my new acoustic 12 strong and played on that.  It sounded pretty good, although I'm still fine tuning it in terms of amplifying it through my amp while avoiding feedback.  It was a fun practice.

And that's about it.
I hope you guys have a nice week!

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