Sunday, July 15, 2018


Hi!  Our weekend was pretty good.  One or two hiccups, but pretty good.

On Friday night Ryan and I went to see The Violent Femmes at the Moody Theater.  Echo & the Bunnymen were the opening act.

The show was good.  I don't think I had ever seen Echo & the Bunnymen before.  They were around when I was growing up, and I had some friends who were pretty into them.  I always found their music pretty good and easy to listen to, but never something that particularly clicked with me.  I remember them resurfacing much later when the movie Donnie Darko came out and their song "The Killing Moon" was featured in and heavily associated with that film.  They put on a pretty good show, though.

Echo & the Bunnymen.
Despite the name, "Bunnymen", there was very little hopping involved.

The Violent Femmes put on a really good, high-energy show.
I first saw them back in around 1993 in San Antonio when I was going to Trinity.  They were one of the archetypical bands of alternative music in the '90's, to be sure.  Gordon Gano's warbling, anxiety-stricken voice  was something that we all related to as he stumbled his way across a variety of subjects, ranging from teenage sexuality and romance to gun violence to taste in music.  Gordon Gano had a voice and guitar ability that made you want to say "Well, I could do that!".  Brian Ritchie's skills on the bass, however, are still downright intimidating to me after more than 25 years of playing bass.
Anyway, the Violent Femmes are a really unique, great, American band.  They're definitely not for everyone, but if you like 'em you probably love 'em.  And I'm here to testify that even after all of these years they still put on a great show.  The audience loved them and they seemed to love the audience.  They even played a version of "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain" because they were playing on Willie Nelson avenue with a statue of the man out front.  Very cool.

The Violent Femmes
On Saturday morning I took Raylan in the car and went out to Steiner to go swimming.  Amy stayed behind because the tile guy was supposed to come and fix our tile.  Long story short, he never showed.  Raylan and I went swimming with Dad, and we had a nice time, but the tile didn't get fixed, and that had to be rescheduled (which was a pain, given the fact that Amy moved a ton of stuff to get it off the floors).
Anyway, we were back home by the afternoon.

Later in the day Ryan stopped by and brought Raylan a wagon.  It's super cool and has seats in it and cupholders and fancy wheels.

A new chariot!  Pull me, slaves!
On Sunday morning Amy went to a baby brunch with her friends Emily and Shelly and their kids, Spencer and Cecilia.  It sounds like she had fun at her brunch.
Meanwhile, back at our place Raylan and I settled in to watch the final game of the World Cup!  The France-Croatia game was really fun.  I tried explaining soccer, and the World Cup to Raylan.  I told him all about how cool it was that all of the countries were playing against each other and about how people from all over the planet could come together to enjoy this event, even if they didn't speak the same language.
All of that kept him engaged for about 20 minutes.
After that he watched cartoons in our bedroom while I watched the game.
We both had a good time.

Getting ready to watch some soccer!
Sunday afternoon Amy played in the sprinkler with Raylan.  They got his little kid pool out.

Spraying Mom with a sponge.
Good comedy!

Sidewalk art on a Sunday afternoon.  Raylan tells Amy he has to draw her
with a big head.  Probably in retaliation, Amy draws Raylan with a big head.

Sunday night I had band practice.  Eric, Reed, Frank, and me.  We sounded pretty good.

And that was about it!
The weekend went by way too fast.
Have a good week!

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