Monday, January 29, 2018


Hey!  Our weekend was pretty good.  On Friday night my parents took Raylan for the night, and we went out to see a concert.  We saw Wolf Parade at the Mohawk.  We'd last seen Wolf Parade back when we first started dating, I think. Amy pretty much introduced me to them, and I quickly became a pretty big fan.
They sort of broke up for quite a few years, but they put out a new album and went on tour in 2017, opening for Arcade Fire for some dates.  Anyway, it was a really good show, and it was fun to be out!  Thanks toMom and Dad for keeping Raylan!
Amy at Wolf Parade.  Like deja vu!

Wolf Parade rockin'.  Like they do.

On Saturday morning Raylan came home, and we played with him.  There was also some grocery shopping.  Amy made some tasty chicken tacos for dinner.

In case there was any doubt, that's a gear that Raylan is drawing.

Raylan's flower

On Sunday we went out to breakfast at La Posada, and we took Raylan to Garrison Park to ride his balance bike.  We had fun.

Amy tries to catch Raylan

Cartoon time with blanket and drink.  Lord help us,
he loves the cartoons.

Ryan and Jamie stopped by to visit for a while after Raylan's nap.  It was good to see them.
We took Raylan for a tricycle ride.  Afterward I went to band practice.  We were sloppy, but it was good to play.

The inconvenience of neighborhood water line repair is slightly
offset by Raylan's excitement at seeing the construction

After band practice I came home, ate dinner, talked to Amy, and passed out.
The end.

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