Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Hey! The weekend was pretty good.We had Monday off for MLK Day.
We spent Saturday mostly doing some errands and playing with Raylan.  I ran to the grocery store.  We went out to breakfast at Snooze.  I wasn't super impressed by my food (which was literally cold- cold eggs are probably something that a breakfast place should avoid).  Oh well.  At least we branched out!

On Sunday Raylan had a play date with Truett (and Mary and Chad).  They came over to our house Sunday morning.  It was fun, and it was nice of them to come down to South Austin for a visit.

Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower for Dan and Adriana.  It was at our friend Mark's house, and it was really nice.  There were a bunch of people there from work and the courthouse, and a few other friends from outside work (Hannah and Chris were there, and Kate, who retired from our office a few years ago).  Congrats to Dan and Adriana!
Anyway, the shower was nice.  Amy stayed home with Raylan.
Sunday night Amy made fish tacos, and they were really good.
On Monday we got up and took Raylan to the park.

We all had a good time.
In the afternoon I went for a bike ride.  I had been expecting to have to do some work to get ready for a hearing on Monday, but at the last minute I got phone calls from the judge and opposing counsel, and the whole matter worked out.  So I got to go for a bike ride instead!
It was fun.  The weather was surprisingly mild for mid-January.  Pretty perfect for biking.

I got home and Raylan was up from his nap and making sidewalk art with Amy.

We played with Raylan and Amy made burrito bowls for dinner.

Today we've got the day off because an ice storm blew in last night.  It's hard to believe I was out riding around town in my shorts yesterday.

Hope everyone has a good week and stays warm!!

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