Sunday, January 07, 2018


Hey! Well, we're off to a decent start with 2018.  We've been settling back into work after a nice Christmas break, and just sort of getting back into the swing of things.
I ordered a special present for Amy through a company called Pupsocks.  Their specialty is putting pictures of pets on socks, but if you send them a picture of your kid, apparently they'll do that, too.  Apparently the company got inundated with orders right before Christmas (after receiving some publicity about their products), and the small company didn't get all of their orders out before the holidays.  So one of Amy's presents arrived this week...

Our weekend was pretty good.  We went to La Posada on Friday night.  It was fun.  Raylan ate a quesadilla and seemed to like it.
Saturday involved a Costco trip, and the assembly of an IKEA dresser.  I also took down the Christmas lights.
Amy did a bit of sidewalk chalk with Raylan while I put the dresser together so he wouldn't hide the parts from me while I was trying to build it.

Saturday night I went to a baby shower for Ruben and Miguel.  They are expecting to adopt a baby in February, so that's really exciting.  I'm happy for them, and the shower (which was at Afton's house) was very nice.
Saturday night Amy and I watched the "USS Callister" episode of Black Mirror.  Good, fun, thought provoking sci-fi.  I'm not sure that every bit of the logic held up- but I'm not sure that it didn't, either.  We really enjoyed it.
On Sunday I got up and took Raylan with me to the grocery store to give Amy a break.  There was also some leaf bagging.  The trees in our yard tend to drop a few leaves...

We played with Raylan quite a bit.

In the evening I had band practice.  We were all there, and we sounded pretty good.
And that was about it!
It went by way too quickly.

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