Sunday, January 21, 2018


Hey! How are you doing? I hope everyone's okay.  The federal government is shut down as I write this because our elected officials seem unable to compromise on anything.  It's not exactly a life-threatening crisis, but... it ain't great.
In our family, Amy and I have both been really busy with work.  Things were pretty busy before the holidays, and the pace, if anything, has sort of intensified in the new year.  Busy, busy, busy.

On Thursday of this week Raylan spent the day, as usual, with his Grandma and Papa.  They took him to swimming lessons and spent the day with him.  He told me that he likes swimming lessons, and he told me that he is really good at "being on the steps" and "crawling on the wall".  Now to get him to swim!  ;-)

Raylan with his swimming teacher.  He told me her name, but
I can't remember.
On Saturday I went to the gym, took Raylan grocery shopping, and we went to Home Depot.
Kit stopped by for a pop in visit with his mom (they were in the neighborhood while picking up some Craigslist furniture).  In the afternoon I went over to Ryan and Jamie's house to help Ryan move some TV's around.  I hung out with them for a little bit afterwards.
In the evening Amy made some delicious chilaquiles.

Raylan is clearly in awe of all of the bargains at the Home Depot

Raylan busts some moves while singing into his karaoke microphone
On Sunday we went to La Posada for breakfast.
Afterwards I went out and bought a new TV.  We'd been talking about upgrading our TV for a while, I guess that seeing the new one that Ryan and Jamie had bought finally motivated me to get moving on it.  I also managed to sell the old TV through Facebook marketplace within like an hour of getting the new TV.  So that was cool.

Hey, Mom!  It's been almost 12 seconds and you haven't looked at me!
On Saturday afternoon I went for a bike ride while Raylan napped.  I rode over to St. Elmo Brewing Company and had a beer and read the news.  Then I pedaled home again.  It was nice.

Our weekend was sort of low key, but our work weeks have been hectic, so it was good.

Hope January is treating everyone well.

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