Sunday, February 04, 2018


Hi!  How's it going?
We had a nice weekend!
On Friday night we went out to dinner at La Posada.  Raylan told us in no uncertain terms that he wanted a taco.  He got his taco.  He even ate some of it.

La Posada after a tiring week
On Saturday morning we had a home study for foster parent certification.  Mom and Dad picked up Raylan after that, so we could do some fun, non-toddler activities for Amy's birthday.  Saturday afternoon we went to see The Shape of Water.  It was a strange, original, fun movie.  It had some really cool scenes.  I'm not exactly sure that I found it "Best Picture" material (guess I'm more likely to pull for Dunkirk), but it was still a really fun movie.  It just seems more like the kind of thing that I would traditionally think of as more of a cult hit as opposed to garnering this sort of mainstream attention- but, it felt really original and fresh, and maybe people are just really hungry for that sort of thing these days.  (the movie also featured quite a few scenes and songs from older movies- Oscar bait every time, right?)
Saturday night we went out for an Amy birthday dinner at Olamaie.  Olamaie serves Southern food, and it had been picked by a couple of critics as one of the best new restaurants in town in 2017. When we went to Charleston several years back, we had eaten at Husk, which also does upscale Southern cuisine, and we had enjoyed it quite a bit, so when Amy came up with Olamaie, it seemed like a good choice.
And we really liked it!  The food was good, the service was great, and it has a nice ambiance.  I had fish and Amy had.... I can't remember.  But she liked it.  I think it was some sort of pea/bean/vegetable dish.  We also had smoked cabbage and biscuits.
It was all very good.  It was also nice to just go out on a grown up date and spend time alone with Amy.
Sunday the weather was beautiful.  Amy and I went grocery shopping.  Mom and Dad brought Raylan home.  He had a blast at their house, and he keeps asking us when we're going to get him a piano like Grandma's.  Not sure what kinda musical numbers they were doing over there this weekend....
The weather was great, and it was warm enough outside that Amy even let Raylan run around in the sprinkler.

The sun is soooo warm, but that water is still sorta coooold!

You're gonna run in the sprinkler WITH me, right Dad?
In the evening I actually watched the Superbowl.  It was a good game.  I was cheering for the Eagles just because everyone is sick of the Patriots (right?).  Anyway, the Eagles won.  It was fun.
And that was pretty much the weekend.  It was nice.  It's cold again today.  I guess we're still not entirely done with winter.

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