Monday, December 18, 2017


So, how's it going?
Things are pretty good here, albeit slightly hectic, as is usual around holiday time.
On Thursday of this week we had our yearly Travis County Attorney's Office holiday luncheon during the day, and our office party in the evening.  It's kind of weird that we have them both on the same day, I guess, but such is the tradition.  I made it to both events, and they were each pretty fun in their own way.  The holiday lunch has pretty much everyone from the office gathered together for a meal, and it's always sort of fun to see the people from all of the different sections gathered together in one place (a lot of us barely ever see each other normally, except to sort of say hi on the elevator or when passing in the hallway).  The holiday party at night is open to defense attorneys, judges, and people from the courthouse that we do business with.  This year the theme was "holiday getaway", and there were some wacky Hawaiian shirts, leis, hula skirts, etc.  There was also a photo booth...

Believe it or not, these people help decide who gets
convicted of crimes in our county
Anyway, I had fun at the party.  My Mom and Dad took Raylan (thanks!), and Amy stayed home and had a "Mother's Day In", relaxing and catching up on her favorite shows.
Saturday we got up and went out to La Posada for breakfast.  We took Raylan on a tricycle ride to the park, took care of some chores, and ran some errands.  We also played with Raylan a bit at home.

In case you were wondering whether Raylan has outgrown his
fascination with washing machines and dryers...

The big kid slide is pretty fun, Dad, but you gotta take it slow and
make sure you don't slide down too-  

No such thing as a self?  Then, Buddha, I guess you won't be able
to get this car off yo head by yo self!  Hahahahaha!!!! 
On Sunday we did a few other shores, played with Raylan some more, and took Raylan to Hoppin' House in the afternoon (it rained on Saturday afternoon, and stayed intermittently misty and damp on Sunday).

"I am so excited!  I looove Hoppin' House!"
Sunday night I got together with Frank and Reed for band practice.  It was fun.  We sounded pretty good for a three man band with no bass.

Monday morning I went to Raylan's school and played a few Christmas songs for the kids.  They warmed up to the music and started dancing after a couple of songs (Amy was there, and she makes for a great cheerleader/toddler drill sergeant).
We all had fun.

Luckily I've had a lot of practice playing for crowds that stare
at me blankly.

So many objects to show Amy.  So little time.

So that was the weekend, pretty much.  Good, but it went by really fast.
After Christmas I'm gonna take a nap.

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