Sunday, December 10, 2017


Hello!  Hope things are going well for everyone.
We're racing toward Christmas here at a semi-frenetic pace.  Mother Nature stepped in this week to make things feel a little more Christmasy (Christmasish?  Christmaslike?) this week by bringing us over an inch of snow in the Austin area.  I really don't ever remember such a thing happening before Christmas here in Austin, although I could be wrong.
Raylan, having read quite a few stories about snow-filled Christmases, had asked several times about when it was going to snow, so I was happy that the little guy got to see some white stuff on the ground.  A Christmas miracle!
Both the Attorney General's Office and Travis County opened late so that the ice could melt off the roads a bit.  Our family braved the snow and went out to breakfast La Posada.  We got to see the snowy South Austin neighborhoods on the way there and back.  It was fun.

Someone must have been out building this guy in the dark as the snow
was falling on William Canon.  Raylan was impressed.
It's also the time of year when various work-related holiday events take place.  The mental health docket that I work on takes place twice a week in County Court 8, and this year Judge Barrera and his staff invited our mental health docket team to attend their yearly Christmas holiday luncheon.  It was really fun!  The food was amazingly good.  I'm not sure how they pulled it off in an office without a real kitchen.

The holiday buffet!  All homemade and delicious.

People wander in to celebrate once they're done with their
morning dockets.
So I had a nice time at the holiday luncheon.  I had to squeeze it in before a morning docket and and an afternoon docket, but it was still really nice.
On Saturday we did some chores and errands during the day.  Raylan got some time outside.  He's getting better at pedaling that tricycle.
Saturday evening my parents, Ryan, and Jamie came over for dinner.  Amy made King Ranch chicken casserole and salad.  She also made some sugar cookies, which Raylan got to decorate before dinner with some help from Amy and Mom.  He had fun with that.

For every sprinkle that made it onto the cookies, two went into
Raylan's mouth

Raylan gets excited when his people are all together.  He was
running around like a crazy person, here, and giving out the
occasional hug

Family dinner time!

After dinner the grandparents and aunt and uncle helped Raylan
 put together a puzzle.  Seemed to be the highlight of his day.
So we had a nice dinner.  Very casual, but very fun.

On Sunday we played with Raylan some more.  More tricycle riding around the neighborhood.
Patrolling the mean streets of Western Trails.

2 years old, going on 14.

Amy did some babysitting for Shelly and Kit again (well, for Spencer- Shelly and Kit can mostly care for themselves).  I got Raylan his lunch, read some books with him, and got him down for his nap while Amy took care of Spencer.

Amy made tinga chicken tacos for dinner, and they were great.  Lots of good Amy food this weekend.

I had band practice in the evening, and it was fun.  Frank, Reed, Jim, and myself.  It had been a while since we played, and it felt good.

And that was the weekend!  Have a good week!

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