Sunday, December 03, 2017


Hello!  Hope things are going well as everyone launches into December!
We've got our tree up (Amy ordered a new tree for us this year, and it looks nice), a few Christmas decorations, and some lights on the outside of the house.

Supah festive!
Let's see, what have we been up to....?
On Wednesday of this week we went to dinner with our friends Tommy and Kellie at the Kerbey Lane down on Guadalupe.  That was good.  It was fun to see them and catch up.

On Saturday morning we went to the Austin Nature and Science Center.  We met up with a few of Raylan's friends from school.  That place is pretty cool.  It has a few animals (some large birds, a fox, a bobcat, a prairie dog, and some animals in aquariums), a pond, a creek, and a large, sand "Dino Pit" where the kids can dig for dinosaur bones (cement).  The place has apparently been there forever, right on the west side of Mopac, just over Ladybird Lake, but I had no idea that it existed.  (which seems weird, since I've pretty much lived here my whole life and tend to think I'm not totally ignorant about my city).

Yeah, the pond is great, Mom, but we gotta keep mooooving!

Dorothy, I think that something BIG might have died in this sandbox....

Evie, Dorothy, and Raylan get to work on digging up
those dino bones.

Papa, how am I supposed to fall into the water with all of this
fencing in the way?


Raylan, Amy, and Sam

Dad, I keep trying to look at the filters, but the turtles keep
getting in the way.

Raylan, Alex, and Evie checkin' out the critters

"We went to the park yesterday and I made Papa chase me!"
(actual quote)

Evie and Raylan getting ready for snack time.
So the nature center was fun.  Raylan had a blast seeing his friends and running around.  It was also nice to get to see the other parents again and chat with them a bit more.

On Saturday evening Mom and Dad took Raylan to spend the night at their house.  Amy and I had a little date night.  We went out to dinner and went to see Thor: Ragnarok (which was a fun movie, but pretty ridiculous).  We also got some grocery shopping done.  Cause that's how we party these days.
On Saturday we went out for breakfast, and then Amy went over to babysit for Shelly and Kit.
Mom and Dad brought Raylan home, and Dad helped me hang some blinds (thanks, Dad!)

Later in the afternoon I went for a bike ride.  It was the first anniversary of the St. Elmo Brewing Co., and I'd been wanting to go to that place since it opened, so I rode my bike over there.  It was pretty cool, but also pretty crowded.  They had a bluegrass band playing, food for sale, and a few beer specials going on.  The beers that I tried were pretty good.
There were a lot of dogs and little kids.  There were also a lot of guys wandering about who worked at other breweries around town.  I ended up talking for a bit to a little group of guys who worked at three different breweries (Hops and Grain, 512, and Live Oak).  They all did different kinds of stuff at the breweries (one actually brewed beer, and two of the other guys were in marketing).  It occurred to me while talking to them that Austin is now employing quite a few people in its craft beer industry. Kind of cool.

St. Elmo's 1st anniversary

So I hung out for a while St. Elmo.  Then I rode back toward home.  I stopped off for a beer at Radio just to chill out there for a few minutes as well in a less hectic environment.  It's a nice place.


I got home, and Raylan was still asleep.  It seemed strange.  I felt like I'd been pedaling around South Austin for a while, talking to people, having a few beers, and then I got home and Raylan wasn't even up from his nap yet (he'd been sleeping when I left).  It was kinda nice.  I got to have some time away, and he literally didn't even know I was gone.  (and Amy got to do some cooking and relaxing without me pestering her)
Amy made some tikka masala for dinner in her new pressure cooker, and after dinner we all goofed around a bit, got tired, and went to bed,

Raylan helps Amy do the laundry in the new washer and dryer.
They have lot of lights and play little songs.
Raylan, already fascinated with appliances, is in love.
So that was the weekend.  It felt like it went by way, way too fast.
I hope you guys have a good week!

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