Monday, July 17, 2017


Well, we had a pretty good week, and a nice weekend.
Below is a picture of Raylan that his teacher, Ashley, took of him at school.  They were doing a little unit about the five senses, and they used lemons to explore things like taste, touch, sight, smell, and... well, I'm not sure how sound fits into the whole lemon thing, but I'm sure Ashley found a way to make it work.
Anyway, this is Raylan using a sliced lemon as a stamp to do some art with paint.

Abstract Impressionism.  With lemons.
On Friday the kids at UTCDC have splash day.  They use sprinklers and hoses and little pools and water toys.  Here's Raylan doing splash day.  He likes splash day.

"Are you done with that bucket yet, lady?"
On Friday evening we met up with one of Amy's old library school friends, Christine, who was in town for a conference.  Christine works as a law librarian at, I think, Cardozo Law School, in New York.  Anyway, it was good to catch up with Christine.  We went to Chuy's, she got to meet Raylan, and we had a nice time.

Saturday morning we got up and actually ran an errand or two and grabbed some breakfast at Kerbey Lane (but a different one than usual!) before going swimming at Deep Eddy.

"Oh, pool slave!  Please be a dear and bring my floatie over here,
would you?"
Saturday also involved some grocery shopping and stuff.  I'm not exactly sure.

On Sunday morning our friends Libby and Jordan stopped by with their son, Rowan.  Rowan is like 9 months old and just learning to crawl.  We just played with the kids.
Amy hauled out some Raylan's old toys from a year ago.
It was good to see them.  Rowan had really grown since we had seen him last!

Later, I took Raylan over to the Garrison Pool while Amy got some exercise.  I'm leaving for a conference in Houston this week, so it was nice to get some Raylan time in before I have to leave.

And that was about it!
Nice weekend!
I'm headed to the Advanced Criminal Law Course in Houston this week.  I'm really gonna miss Amy and Raylan.  Hopefully it goes by quickly...

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