Monday, July 10, 2017


So it's summer for real now, right?
In Austin, Texas, that means it's pretty hot.
But I still love summer in Texas!
On the weekends, when I spend more time outside, I get more acclimated to the heat and it doesn't bother me as much.  When I sit in air conditioning all day during the week, the heat seems more jarring when I wander outside.  And, of course, the Texas heat makes for some great water adventures if you're at the pool or the springs or the lake or whatever.
And I just like all the light.  The bright, hot, Texas days during the summer somehow put me into a better mood.
I'm not sure why, but they do.

On Friday I picked up Raylan and we just went home and hung out until Amy got home.  Then we had dinner and just chilled out.  Nothing fancy.

On Saturday we got up and went to Deep Eddy to go swimming.  I'm here to report that the hotter it gets outside, the colder that the 70 degree spring water feels.
Raylan didn't seem to mind it much, though, and once you get in and get used to the temperature, it keeps you cool for a long time.
We ran into Danielle, one of my former co-workers who is now at the D.A.'s office, with her husband, Gavin, and daughter, Abby.  It was fun to see them and catch up a bit.  I'm not sure I'd seen Abby since her baby shower!  (now 10 months old)
Amy also ran into someone from the A.G.'s office, and Raylan ran into Milo, one of his old friends from St. Luke's.  So all of us ran into someone that we knew.
Anyway, we had a lot of fun at Deep Eddy.

"I don't really remember last summer too well, but I think that,
judging by this summer, so far I like summer."

"Look, Dad- there is some stuff that other people are not watching and
which I think I should try to take."
The rest of Saturday involved a family trip to the grocery store, exercise, and napping.  Determined not to let the heat get the best of me, I even rode my bike to the gym this weekend.
In the evening I grilled chicken fajitas.  It seemed to take a little while, but they came out well, in the end.
Grilled fajitas with beer are also a critically important part of summer.

Amy and Raylan wait "patiently" for me to grill the fajitas.
After dinner, Raylan had a small ice cream cone.  We're still training him to understand that you only get one ice cream cone per sitting.

"Go ahead and get my next one ready, Dad."
On Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast.  We went to Taqueria Arandas over by our house, just to try something different.  I think we liked it okay, but it didn't beat out La Posada.  Raylan loved the colorful decorations, though.  He couldn't say enough about them.

"-and over there is a picture of a pony, and over there is a cowboy,
and over there is a light, and over there is a fan, and over there is a
refrigerator. and over there-" 
After breakfast we took Raylan to play at Garrison park for a little while.  

"I'm running away from Mom!  I'm running away from Mom!
I'm running- Oh, hi!!"
After going to the park, we went home.  Raylan and I changed clothes and went back to Garrison to go to the pool.  Amy went to the gym and ran an errand or two.  Raylan and I had fun together, and I think Amy enjoyed her little break.
The rest of Sunday involved exercise, playing with Raylan, a couple of chores, and band practice with Reed (which was good).
Oh, and Amy made some really good, homemade strawberry ice cream!
That's about it.
It was a nice weekend!
Too fast!!!

This appeared on our refrigerator this weekend.
Probably says a little something about our family.  ;-)

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